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no Its probably just as sign of u ovulating or normal period painsif u do not get your period then imediatley take pregnancy test though Unlikely. All of the symptoms you described occur before a period is going to arrive. But if your period doesnt arrive, do a pregnancy test. Could be implantation.. or not.. I would take a test in four days... Sorry for the short answer but a test is the only way to know for sure you are pregnant.. that or go get a blood test from your doctor. :) GL

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 15:32:24
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Q: You had a sharp pain in your stomach and your temperature increased about 4 days before your period was due could this be a sign that you are pregnant?
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Can you get stomach cramps before first period and not being pregnant?


Can you get pregnant if you didnt use a condom but he came on your stomach?

The semen that was ejaculated onto your stomach wont get you pregnant, however you can never be 100% sure that some did not leak out before he orgasmed onto your stomach. So yes there is a possibility that you will get pregnant that way

If you are really skinny and pregnant how soon will your stomach start to get hard?

I was 82 pounds before I got pregnant and my stomach didn't get hard until I was 16 weeks or so and it wasn't that hard just harder then before.

Where does a doctor press on your stomach to tell if your pregnant?

The doctor knows you're pregnant by taking a blood test, long before he/she palps your stomach. That doesn't tell whether you're pregnant, only that there is swelling there.

How do you know when your Balloon Molly is pregnant?

You can know if your Balloon Molly is pregnant by obseving near the back of the Molly's stomach. If it's pregnant, the bottom and back of the stomach should form an approximate 90 degree angle. You will also need to observe the stomach before it is assumed pregnant, in case if the molly has been like that.

When you are pregnant do you get acne on your stomach?

Yes I am 22 weeks and have breakouts of acne on my stomech it drives me nutts.... I did not have acne on my stomech before I was pregnant.

How hard does your stomach get when you are pregnant... do you still have some rolls in it when you bend over?

If there were rolls before you were pregnant they are not going to go away, the baby just grows underneath.

Does your stomach grow when your 2 weeks pregnant?

The foetus is only a few mm large at two weeks. So there is no way your stomach grows that fast because of pregnancy. It might be that you are more hungry then before and that makes your stomach grow :-)))

Is having a lot of discharge right before your period a sign of pregnancy?

The week before a period, being pregnant or using oral contraceptives are associated with increased discharge.

When you are pregnant do you have stomach pain?

yes but only after the 6th month of pregnancy , if you are having pain before then you should consult a doctor immediately

Is stomach ache with cramping on the day before period mean pregnancy?

i don't think so because if your pregnant, you don't get your period

What makes vomit tastes salty?

The salty or metallic taste has to do with the increased saliva that occurs before vomiting. The increased saliva helps to protect the teeth from extremely acidic stomach acids that come up in vomit.

How was the climate 10 years before?

There is not much difference between the last 10 years. The global temperature has increased somewhat.

Could you be pregnant if you are on the pill but your breasts were really sore before your last period and now that you've had a period your stomach is upset and you have fatigue and headaches?

Yes you could be pregnant or it could be caused by the pill.

You think you might be pregnant you'r not sure though My breast been hurting of and on before and after my last period which wasn't regular your stomach been really tight could you be Pregnant?

Can someone answer my question!!

What does it means when your stomach is hard but your not pregnant?

It means your Constrebated, I've had the same problem just go to the doctors to get something for it before it gets worse

What is the medical term meaning before the stomach?

Pregastric means before the stomach.

Why is there a Burning sensation in your stomach before your period?

why is there a burning sensation in your stomach before your period?

If your stomach gets bloated and you are getting ready to come on your perioddoes it mean that youre pregnant?

No, it's just something that often happens before a period

What if your stomach hurts before you know you are pregnant?

you should go visit a local doctor and make sure you are not in any danger or at risk of cancer and death

Around what ages do kids get abused?

Children get abused from before birth (such as a person kicking or hitting a pregnant woman in the stomach, for instance) up to adulthood.

Missing periods but not pregnant your stomach feels very bad?

i have no clue sorry but i am doing same thing right now and getting pain in stomach i know 100 % sure i am not cuz i never even done it before

Could you be pregnant if your nipples are sore and itchy horrible heartburn stomach cramping tiredness occasional nausea and its still 2 weeks till your period?

Unless you got pregnant during your last cycle these are not symptoms of pregnancy as you get pregnant 2 weeks before your period.

What are some stomach exercises for pregnant women?

Before beginning any exercise program, especially when pregnant, you need to speak with your doctor. While pregnant, it is important to avoid all exercises that require you to lay flat on your back. One option is a standing abdominal crunch.

Your period came 10 days early and that's never happend before your stomach has also been hurting what does this mean?

you are probably pregnant. You should not have swallowed.