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If you had sex at the right time them there this can be as sign of implantation bleeding, Yes you could be pregnant.


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You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

iv had pink blood for only one day? like ,only a coulpe of seconds i haven't started my period in 2 weeks know could i be pregnant!!

pink spotting is a pregnancy sign you could be well pregnant its called Implantation bleeding

I think it's blood that already hit the air , so it turns brown usually indicating that your period was late

ok you need to get a pregnancy test, the pink brown spotting can be an indication of different things. you need to see your doctor for more information.

You could be. What you saw when you wiped could be spotting, which is light brown or pink in color and that happens during implantation.

Because it gets heavier and then the cramps mean you are in puburty

You could get pregnant ANYTIME you have sex! And try making your question shorter next time.ADD PUNCTUATION MARKS (. , ; : " '? ! )?

Spotting light pink is a charachteristic of being should really go to a clinic and find out, especially if you miss your period four months..or have cramps, tenderness, and light spotting.

usually implantion bleeding is before you period is this is likely your period hope this helps

This can be a indication of pregnancy. If your already pregnant, then mention the bleeding to your doctor.

It's very unlikely that you got pregnant then cos when you are on your period, or its within 7 days of having it the egg usually hasn't been released yet

start my first period 8/8/12 and it stop 8/14/12 and my period start up on 8/26/12 and my period is a pink brown color

Spotting is normal before your period, it's just the start of your period as the uterine lining starts to shed. You can also get spotting after your period, or mid-cycle spotting around the time of ovulation.

You can't be pregnant and get your period at the same time. But you can be pregnant and experience vaginal bleeding. Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is considered spotting or implantation bleeding. This is usually pink or brown in color and is very light and short. If you think you are pregnant and are experiencing abnormal bleeding you need to go to the doctor to make sure you and your baby are safe.

Thats your preiod being late you wont bleed if your pregnant, or at least your not supposed to, stress can delay your period. I have had what you have had a couple of times.

Yes, it sounds like implantation bleeding. Meaning: your pregnant

Brown discharge, or pink discharge, is known as spotting. If your period is very light you may see a few days of spotting instead or you can see spotting leading up to menstruation. Otherwise spotting can be a result of hormonal imbalance causing mid-cycle spotting around the time you're due to ovulate. If it's a one-off nothing to worry about, but if it continues talk to your doctor.

Oddly enough I am in the exact situation. My last period was on Sept 1st and I have been spotting for a few days now- very light pink and brown in the beginning but no flow of blood. I can usually pinpoint the exact day of my period but I started spotting late. I took multiple pregnancy tests that came out negative. So I am looking for the same answer! Nice to know I'm not alone on this one.

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