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The smart thing to do would have been to call your physician, have him or her authorize a local pharmacy to fill a portion of the prescription and you would have had your medication. The second smart thing to do would have been to call your physician and ask him or her whether it was okay to double up on your medication. As it stands now, you should at the very least read the directions included with your prescription or call your physician to advise him or her and get a qualified recommendation.

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Yesterday evening or last evening?

In most cases, last evening is the correct term in the United States. Yesterday evening is rarely heard. The correct phrase is last evening and not yesterday evening.

What is another phrase for on last evening?

last night, yesterday evening

Why was sheffield Wednesday called sheffield Wednesday?

the club was born on the evening of Wednesday, September 4th, 1867

What Songs have the word Wednesday in them?

Wednesday Evening Blues by John Lee Hooker. A Wednesday In Your Garden by The Guess Who.

What day of 2010 is sukkot celebrated?

Sukkot, in 2010, began in the evening of Wednesday, September 22 and ended in the evening of Wednesday, September 29

What is the right spelling of Wednesday?

Wednesday is the correct spelling.Some example sentences are:On Wednesday you have an exam.I will see you Wednesday evening.As a kid I had a huge crush on Wednesday Addams.

In 1986 what day was Christmas Eve on?

Wednesday evening.

What is another word for last night?

Last Evening and Yesterday Night

What is the date for Yom Kippur for 2008?

It started on Wednesday evening, October 8th and continues through Thursday evening, October 9th.

What evening does Juliet have to take the potion?

She was supposed to take the potion Wednesday night, since the wedding was supposed to have been on Thursday. She would then have woken up Friday evening. But they moved the wedding to Wednesday so she took the potion on Tuesday night, which means she woke up Thursday evening.

Are there coyotes in Central Indiana?

YES! I spotted one on Lake Monroe yesterday evening at dusk.

How do you use repast in a sentence?

you just used it in a sentence. Or you could say "The repast yesterday evening was most enjoyable". By. G543 Or you can say: I had a repast yesterday with my friends and family.

When is Channuka observed in 2013?

The first day of the Channuka period in 2013 begins in the evening of Wednesday the 27th of November and ends in the evening of Thursday the 5th of December.

Why is it good luck to have a Jewish wedding on Wednesday night?

Because fish were created and blessed on Thursday (which begins Wednesday evening in Judaism), and the blessing of fish generates fruitfulness.

How do you use the word rehearsal in a sentence?

Example sentence - The dress rehearsal for our play was scheduled on Wednesday evening.

Why Ash Wednesday is only on Wednesday why not other days?

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which is comprised of forty weekdays before the Easter Triduum. The Eastern Triduum begins on Holy Thursday evening with the Mass of the Lord's Supper, so forty weekdays before that is Ash Wednesday.

When did Hanukkah begin in 2010?

From the evening of Wednesday, December 1, 2010 to the evening of Thursday, December 9, 2010. It's an eight day festival that begins and ends at sundown.

What day is eid?

Eid al-Fitr 2013 began in the evening of Wednesday, August 8 Eid al-Adha 2013 begins in the evening of Monday, October 14

When did sun rises and sun sets yesterday?

The Sun rose in the morning and set in the evening yesterday. To get a exact time for these happening one needs to have an exact location on Earth provided, together with a date.

When is ramadan in the US?

Ramzam or Ramadam will start on Thursday 18 June in USA

What time does Trinidad lottery come on on an evening?

At 8:30 pm trini time every Wednesday and Saturday

How many hours are between 6pm Sunday evening and 6am Wednesday morning?

There are 60 hours in this time period.

If you have been taking ovulation test all week the have been neg yesterday morning you tested it was positive then tested again yesterday evening and it was neg again did you ovulate yet16th day of c?

Depending on the accuracy of your test, sounds to me like you were ovulating yesterday morning.

Is sending a business related text on Sunday evening proper?


How do you use commencement in a sentence?

Example sentence - The graduation commencement would begin at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evening.