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You have 60 amp service and want change to 100 amps you have a 200 amp panel with breakers can you use this for 100 amp service?

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2007-07-01 15:50:19

In short Yes. However, you must change the main disconnect

(breaker) to a 100 amp disconnect. Your local home improvement

center may have what you need, or you may have to go to a wholesale

dealer to get the main. You will also need to verify that the

conductors from the utility and all associated distribution system

will accommodate the additional load from 60A to 100A. Always be

careful and remember that most home fires are started by electrical

failure. Electricity can also cause severe personal injury,

including death. If you have any doubt, call an electrical

contractor. This type of change to an electrical system should be

attempted by only a very experienced homeowner. Your local

jurisdiction may also require a permit and inspections be

performed. Your local utility may also have additional

requirements. SAFETY FIRST and ALWAYS! Hope this helps! Terry

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