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Check your fuel pump/filter located in the fuel tank Cost of parts about $175-200 U.S.

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Q: You have a 1995 dodge stratus and the car will not crank it will turn but it will not start you just had an tune up could it be flooded how long must you wait before trying to crank it back up?
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There are a few things that it could be if you Dodge Stratus wont start on first try. It could be the starter.

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i got 128k on mine before i traded it sure i could have got to 200k with out a problem.

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Could be fuel injectors are leaking causing a flooding condition

Why does a 1997 Dodge Stratus die at idle?

it could be your EGR valve.

Does a 1997 Dodge Stratus have a factory alarm system?

It could, that was an option.

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check the coil pack

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Why wont the electric fan motors for the radiator come on in your 1997 dodge stratus?

A wire could be cut. check the resistance of the wires from the connectors to find a break. they could be broken from wear. or it could be the motors themselves that are bad, but check the wires first before replacing them.

What size engine does a 96 Dodge Stratus have?

The engine size in a 96 Dodge Stratus is a 2.4 liter could have a 2.0L. It should say it right on the engine.

Where is the mass air flow sensor sensor for a 2000 dodge stratus Could that cause the fuel too rich in bank 1?

the stratus doesn't have a mass airflow sensor

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Dodge stratus won't crank and it keeps blowing the pcm fuse also when trying to crank?

could the pcm fuse be blowing because of a short in the air conditioning switch I have seen the starter be the cause of a blown pcm fuse.

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Could be the transmission!!!!

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