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Hey to be honest, I have a cold intake system and it runs fine. What I assume is that you have a vaccum leak in your system. Check for gaps in your system. It took me a while to get my system running right. Also check if errors in your PCM. You may have other issues going on. A lot of people have bad O2 sensors in their cars, like mine, in which gives you bad performance.

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Why does a 98' Ford Contour jerk when it hits 300 rpm?

if it hits 300rpm its to low u mean 3000rpms

92 Plymouth Acclaim 4-cylinder won't shift into overdrive 300rpm at 100kph runs and runs rough at idle what would cause this?

Rough idle could be: spark plugs(worn or wrong gap), plug wires, vacuum leaks, wrong ignition timing, uneven or low compression. Transmission trouble--check fluid level.

Can you fit an overdrive unit on 1988 sj410 4 speed manual?

I don't think there is room to put an overdrive in a Zuke, I've seen most of the aftermarket overdrive units and all the OD's I've seen would be way to big. There are transmissions with different fifth gear ratios, one trans has a higher fifth gear than the other. Guys with the 33" and bigger tires usually run the lower ratio fifth gear. You can ether swap the trans or swap the fifth gear in your trans if it has the lower ratio fifth gear in it. That might help, if I remember right its only about 300rpm difference.

When the neutral switch is open where do the line current flow to?

There is never a switch installed in a neutral line.

Who skates in the Eiffel Tower?

Recently a small skating rink has been installed on the first floor

How do you fix 0x800cccod error?

This can call for a new processor or there may be a recently installed incompatible driver

Are receptacles installed horizontally or vertically?

The NEC doesn't specify. Generally they are installed vertically with the ground on bottom. In the world that I work in the ground is always installed on top. This is so if a gap exists between an outlet and the plug, anything falling into the gap hits the ground first and not across the hot and neutral wires simultaneously. Expanding on this premise an outlet installed horizontally with the neutral on top is the most safe installation. But I have never seen this done.

I recently installed Directx 9.0 from a game but when I installed Warcraft III it said install Directx 8.1 or newer?

send me some money and the problem will fix itself.

Should the neutral of a three phase generator be grounded or not?

Dear engineers, I am in a fix to decide where should isolated neutral be preferred & where it is not recommended to ground the neutral. There is already a Gas turbine installed which is recommended to run on isolated neutral by manufacturer. but on the other hand, it is recommended to ground the neutral of steam turbine. what may be the logic behind it? Thanking in advance :)

How do you reinstall a missing hal.dll file?

if you have recently lost it, go to the programme that you installed in onto and you might be able to save the file.

Why does it take so long for Firefox browser to open?

Maybe this is because of an add-on that you have installed recently. Try disabling or uninstalling it.

How big can a mezuzah be?

There is no limit to the size of a Mezuzah. Attached is a video of the largest known mezuzah recently installed at Ben Gurion Airport.

What type of turf is installed on Hawkins Field at Vanderbilt University?

The artificial turf that was installed recently is called AstroTurf GameDay Grass 3D. There is a lot of controversy around the decision, apparently there are some people who don't like the idea. However, as of September 2012, the new turf was being installed.

What does SN stand for in an old style fuse panel it is referring to the neutral bars?

The term SN refers to a panel or disconnect switch that has solid neutral bar installed. It is a small bar that allows the service conductors to be bonded to the enclosure at that point.

Why does Camaro start in drive?

In a third gen, this would indicate that the neutral safety interlock (installed on the shifter, inside the console) is out of adjustment, is bypassed, or has failed.

Why would you switch a neutral on a double pole switch?

The only time I know of you can legally switch the neutral is on motor fuel dispensing equipment. However it maybe a white wire but was not coded with tape when it was installed and could very well be a hot conductor.

Installed one outlet in basement on a breaker and you get shocked when you touch the metal of things plugged into it or the metal outlet box itself Why?

maybe you have the hot and the neutral switched...

How do you get a computer to recognize a recently installed second hard drive?

Check that all cables are properly connected. Check if the drive has the proper jumper settings.

Can minecraft be installed into a windows 8 computer?

Minecraft currently supports: Windows XP - Windows 8. Linux And recently All types of Apple.

Is the neutral wire on the left of the electric plug?

normally, Yes . because the electrical code doesn't require that the receptacle must be installed so that the grounding slot on the bottom, just in case, somebody put the plug "upside down" the right one should be neutral

Why is my pre installed webcam not working it was working quite recently is this a virus if it is what can i do?

The driver for the webcam must be corrupt or deleted. this can happen by installing a new operating system

What is a Minecraft client that can have mods installed?

Simply the default minecraft launcher a nd client allows you to install mods however the instilation process has recently changed.

Why wont your 07 chevy colbalt turn off when you take the key out?

could be a problem with your alarm, have you recently installed a new car alarm? Have it checked out by your dealer.

Why the fuse is connected in the live wire rather than the neutral wire?

Live wires carry current and our main purpose of using fuse is to break the circuit , whenever there will be large current flows through it . That's why fuse is connected in the live wire rather than the neutral wire...Alternative AnswerA short circuit fault to earth or ground will bypass the neutral wire so, if the fuse were to be installed in the neutral, it would not operate.A short circuit between line and neutral would remain dangerous, if the fuse was in the neutral, because the circuit would still be 'hot' up to the point of fault.

Had transision rebuilt now car wont start?

Could be the neutral safety switch is not properly installed or connected. Look for a wired switch plug terminal that may not be connected.