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You have a 2004 VUE and the reduced power light keeos coming on and goes off after a while this has happened several times over the past two years?

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January 20, 2007 2:32AM

I'm working on a car with the same problem. From what I've read,

this is a common problem amongst the VUE's c.2002 - In fact, there

is a Technical Service Bulletin about this very problem which

indicates that it is a problem with the Throttle Body and/or

Throttle Position Sensor and relevant wiring harness. You should be

able to find this T.S.B. online somewhere for free or just call

your local dealer. As a side note, the 2002 VUE has about 192

T.S.B.s currently which is a bit above normal for a car of this

age. Hope it helps! Cheers, Z. Harris ASE Certified Automotive

Repair Technician

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