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You have a chilton manual it tells you how to change the timing belt on a 1986 Chevy Nova but it doesnt show a diagram on how to set the pulleys for putting the belt back on?


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It will show it in the Hanes manual


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go to local library they have chilton and haynes repair books

You have to go through the glove box, there is a diagram in Chilton manual or on google images on how to take it apart.

Do you have diagram of 96 olds 98 putting a belt on an alternator.

get a Chilton book for your model. get a Chilton book for your model.

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Depending on the year it should have a single belt doing it all. Check to see if there is a belt routing diagram under the hood, if not you can draw up your own easy enough. There is a spring tensioner in this type system which make it a fairly easy job. pull and hold the tensioner back while removing the belt. Route the new belt through putting it on all the pulleys as to the diagram except one, maybe the alternator as it is easy to get to. Pull tensioner out of the way put belt on alt. pulley release tensioner to belt. Start motor make sure everything is moving and belt is on pulleys correct.

All serpentine belts have some kind of tension relief pully or mechanism. Buy a $20. repair manual. Relieve the tension as indicated, probably with a ratchet & socket and pull off the belt. You can draw a diagram before you remove it. To slide the new belt on you have to release the tension again, then engage. When putting the belt on it helps to remember that the smooth side of the belt will meet the smooth pulleys, and the track or ridged belt side fits into the ridged pulleys.

chilton shop manuel has all the diagrams you need. just be sure to buy right book for the year of the engine as there are some differences in the 7.3 as the years changed

By buying a Chilton or Haynes manual and reading

Would have to change pulleys for sprockets

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show me a diagram of how to change my serpetine belt on my 96 olds LSType your answer here...

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Pay attention to where the serpentine belt runs and what pulleys it goes over or under. Draw a diagram if you need to. Use a wrench or socket to release tension on the belt tensioner and pull off the old belt. Put the new belt around all the pulleys except for the belt tensioner and then when its on all the pulleys except for that one, release tension on it again and put the belt on that pulley, then let the pulley go and it will put tension on the new belt.

There is a tension roller in about the center of the pulleys. (This is the smooth roller, probably bronze-colored, just left of the center). Using a #14 metric socket and wrench, push clockwise (As if to tighten the Nut)-- the tensioner will release the tension on the belt and it slides off. Remove the belt from the remaining pulleys. The belt has to come out over the fan blades. Note the belt routing prior to removing. It helped me to get a pencil and paper and draw a diagram. Install in reverse order. Hint: The grooves in the pulley goes with the grooves in the Belt. It is very helpful to have another set of hands to help hold the belt on the Pulleys while putting it over the tensioner. If this is not possible, get it on all pulleys except the tensioner, then while releasing tension using your right hand slip it over the tensioner with the left (note you have to have your wrench in front of the belt).

You won't need a diagram if you change one spark plug wire at a time.

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