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You have a dog and need to go to disneylanmd what do you do if you can't take it?



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These are some of your options: * Have a family member look after the dog (best option of all.) * Have someone stay in your house and look after the dog (preferably a relative) but, there are good house sitters and pet sitters with references. You can also ask your vet for a recommendation for a pet sitter that will come into your home. * Most vets will kennel your dog while you are away. * There are kennels you pay so much for per day and you provide your pet's food. However, this means you will have to have kennel cough shots and other shots before your dog enters the kennel to protect them. I just went away and have two small dogs and a cat. My male Cockapoo is a real little cuddler and sticks to me like glue, so I had my sister-in-law Donna (they are use to her) come and stay in the house to look after them. If she hadn't been available I would have found an upper scale dogie spa or kennel for them. Please don't just leave your dog in ANY kennel, but go to the kennel and see things for yourself. Some people just want the money. Even licensed doesn't mean your dog will be treated with the greatest of care.