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I own a small courier company. We are incorporated. We have to have commercial auto as our consumer auto company said they wouldn't cover accidents we had while doing business with our vehicles. Plus they are owned by the company. I would check with my accountant. If your trucks are owned by the company I would assume you would have to have commercial auto. If a driver is using the vehicle on a job has an accident your company is liable, right?

If the vehicle is generating income it would fall under the commercial umbrella where commercial insurance would be needed.

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Q: You have a pest control company and full coverage ins on your two trucks do you need commercial auto insurance instead?
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What is a loss control survey by liability insurance company?

An insurance company sends an inspector to evaluate a risk. Depending on the coverage, the inspector will report on what the insured does and/or on-site conditions. The inspector does not determine if coverage will be bound. They only report what they see within context of the coverage.

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How much commercial general liability insurance does a pest control company need?

Depends on the state but is always much less than insurance companies start at anyway. Smallest available policy is 1million coverage-still much more than required most states for co licensing.

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Forced placed insurance coverage is insurance that is put on your property without your control because you either don't have the insurance you are required to carry or the mortgage company has not received a satisfactory copy of the insurance declaration page. You are responsible for paying for this coverage as they add it to you mortgage account balance. The forced placed coverage on covers the balance of the money owed on your mortgage and does not cover anything else like your contents are not covered, liability is not covered, etc. Only the banks interest is covered and the price is extremely high especially when you consider what they are actually covering.

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Does homeowners insurance cover pantry pest infestation?

No, Homeowners Insurance Is Hazard insurance for your house, it generally does not provide coverage for pest control services. Pest control is a regular and expected homeowners maintenance issue.

What Can I Actually Do To Help Keep My Insurance Charges Controlled?

The clear method to take control of your insurance expenses is by using what insurance professionals describe as "risk management." Using risk management methods, you identify the prospect of your company experiencing a loss of revenue, and think about whether it requires coverage for your loss.

How much will a insurance company pay if someone hit you intentionally?

Hopefully, you have full coverage insurance your own auto insurance will cover your damages. Auto Insurance polices provide coverage for accidental losses and certain other losses beyond our control. An "Intentional Collision" is not an accident and therefore would not be covered under the terms of the offending drivers insurance policy. If someone hit you intentionally with a motor vehicle, in the United States this is considered a "Vehicular Assault" and is a Felony. With only a few exceptions, the assaulting drivers insurance company has no liability or obligation to pay for damages resulting from the criminal activities of it's insured.

Spend Less On Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance can be one of the largest bills that a household will face on a monthly basis, so it makes sense to look at coverage options to try to find ways to cut this cost. Often, this involves looking at each type of insurance coverage independently. The cost of your comprehensive auto insurance coverage can often be decreased by making your car less susceptible to car theft and natural disasters. Park your car in a locked garage and inform your insurance company of the change. Look into anti-theft devices that may qualify a vehicle for a special anti-theft discount. PIP coverage costs can be decreased by investing in extra safety features like side airbags. Liability and collision coverage costs can be decreased by choosing a very safe vehicle. For every type of coverage, there are ways to get your premiums lower. Ask your insurance company about discount programs and for tips on getting lower rates overall and always check your rates against other insurers before agreeing to a new policy. You'll control the overall cost of your auto insurance in this manner.

What does commercial general liability insurance cover regarding freight?

If you are a freight company, involved with handling freight of others, you will need a motor truck cargo policy if you expect to cover damages to other's freight, which is in your care, custody or control. Generally speaking, commercial general liability insurance contains a standard exclusion of goods or property within your care, custody or control. One recognized exception is in the case of fire legal liability, and that typically only applies to real property (buildings) which you lease from others. If you are a shipper of your own goods, you will need an inland marine / transit policy if you expect to have coverage for your goods while they are freight in someone else's care, custody or control. Your commercial general liability policy does not cover first party property damage, i.e. your property.

Where would get insurance for a pest control business?

You will need to ask a broker to find a company for you.

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Why You Need Virginia Collision Car Insurance?

Drivers need Virginia collision car insurance to protect them financially in the even they cause crashes that damage their cars. When such events occur, collision insurance pays for damage done to cars belonging to the insured. Liability insurance carried by insured drivers covers damage done to the property of others. Collision insurance makes sure that drivers can have their cars repaired after an accident.Obtaining Collision InsuranceDrivers can buy collision insurance whenever they get a quote for auto insurance coverage. Drivers can evaluate the cost of collision coverage and compare it with the benefits of that coverage. Insurance agents can help drivers evaluate the need for collision insurance coverage. Drivers who own expensive cars usually want to carry collision coverage to control the financial impact of repairs. Auto owners who finance their vehicles also need collision insurance coverage. Usually, banks and finance companies require car buyers to purchase collision coverage to protect the interests of the lienholder. After owners pay off their car, they can choose to drop collision coverage.Getting Advice About Collision InsuranceDrivers can get advice about collision insurance from their insurance agents, insurance companies or financial advisors. These professionals will gather information about the financial condition of drivers, and the value of their cars and the cost of collision coverage to help drivers decide whether to buy or forgo coverage. Drivers who own cars outright can drop their collision coverage, especially if they must keep their insurance costs to a minimum. Drivers without collision insurance must accept full financial responsibility if they cause wrecks that damage their cars.Shopping Around For Collision InsuranceDrivers should shop among several car insurance companies before choosing a policy that includes collision insurance. The lowest price for coverage may come from insurance companies other than the ones with the lowest liability-only coverage. By shopping all alternatives, drivers can find the lowest price for the needed amount of collision insurance coverage.

What service does the Western Exterminator Company provide?

The Western Exterminator Company provides pest control for houses, apartments, and commercial buildings. They supply pest control solutions for termites, bird control, rodents, and other bugs.

What is machinery breakdown insurance?

In Machinery Breakdown Insurance, breakdown of machineries caused by mechanical/electrical causes beyond the control of the co. are compensated by the Insurance company against payment of premia.

How can epilaptic patient get health insurance?

It is best if you contact an independent insurance agent (see yellow pages). Sometimes an epileptic can get health insurance and he or she may have to agree to have the condition not covered from 6-12 months depending on the insurance carrier. If your condition has been kept under control you may be able to get coverage. Don't use insurance agents on the internet since your situation is complex. Call an agent near you. Your physican may need to help you get the coverage with his input.

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Its Yaz- they have been out trying to scare Dr.'s with this message and now they are trying to scare consumers. These people will stop at nothing to try and sell their crappy pill- which they have little to no insurance coverage for. By the way a short period is the effect of all birth control pills.

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In the past, whether you had coverage depended on what the employer agreed to pay, not the insurance company. Now, birth control must be a covered benefit under any health plan in the US effective 8/1/12; however, if your renewal date from your plan isn't until January, the change doesn't go into effect until then.

Can you use the money from the insurance company to buy a new equipment instead of fixing it?

You are not obligated to spend your auto insurance settlement claim check on a particular kind of repair. In fact, after payout, the auto insurance company has no legal ability to control or restrict how you spend your settlement money.

What is a full coverage auto insurance?

Their is no such thing as full coverage in legal terms. What people refer to when they say that is Physical Damage Coverage for a vehicle. What physical damage coverage breaks down into 2 parts. Collision Coverage: Does include a deductible, covers the vehicle from damage resulting in a person being at-fault in an accident, and damage has occurred to the vehicle in which it has to be repaired or replaced. This does also protect the vehicle if an accident or damage results from a uninsured motorists or under insured motorists Comprehensive Coverage:(also known as other then collision) Does include a deductible, covers the vehicle from damages due to vehicle that are out of control of the insured. This would be from weather, vandalism, theft, hitting an animal, and etc. Remember, insurance company's insure vehicles of the actual cash amount at that time. If you have a collector car, you would to get collector car insurance, in which their is a stated amount.

What is uncontrollable cost?

Uncontrollable cost is that cost which is not in descretion of management to be controlled. A good example of an uncontrollable cost is insurance. A manager who runs a department on the factory floor does not have control over the liability insurance that the company buys.

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How much does one million dollar liability insurance cost for a pest control company?

1 billion dollars

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