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lites while breaking but not as turn signal possibly a single eliment/filiment/action bulb ... wrong bulb

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What could be the problem with a 1999 ford explorer that has no park lights fog light or dash lights all fuses good?

bad switch?

Why do your ford explorer power door lock button lights stay on when the vehicle is turned off?

If the lights in your lock buttons remain on after the truck is powered off, you may have a problem with your fuse. It the light remaining on could be because you have an electrical problem in your Ford Explorer, as well.

Where can you find the fuse to signal lights on my 1994 ford explorer?

Check flasher most common problem

What could be wrong with your car if the brake lights work when the lights are off but when the lights are turned on the passenger side tail lights and brake lights completely go out?

This is usually a grounding problem. Either an insufficient ground to the assy or a positive to ground problem. As you mention the brake lights work with the lights off, it will probably be related to a problem with the "running lights" system. As you mention only a problem with the passenger rear, I would check for a poor ground related to that light assy or possibly one of the bulbs' internal filaments in that assy touching each other. Or possibly a socket failure at that assy. Good Luck

Peugeot 306 brake lights wont work all the other lights do also the brake lights come on when headlights are turned on whats problems?

Since the break lights turn on when the head lights are activated, the problem is probably in the wiring of your break lights. Someone may have accidentally disconnected the wires of your break lights to your head lights.

Dash lights explorer?

The dash lights on an Explorer are used to light the warning symbols and to illuminate the speedometer, gas gauge, and RPM gauge. These lights are controlled by fuses.

What is wrong with a 2002 Ford Explorer the odometer light isn't illuminated but the ABS light and airbag light are illuminated?

I suspect multiple problems. The blank or intermittent odometer problem is a common problem in the 2002 Ford Explorer. The ABS and airbag lights are most likely a different problem than the odometer problem. For complete information on the intermittent odometer problem, see .

What is a dark sensor?

A sensor that is activated by a lack of light (the dark). Usually these can be found in night lights that turn on when the lights are turned out.

Is it legal to pass a patient transporting ambulance?

This depends on if the emergency signal lights are activated. It should be noted that even with emergency lights and sirens activated, ambulances are not allowed to exceed the speed limits. That said, if the ambulance has a patient in it, but the lights and sirens are not activated, a regular motorist can pass the vehicle but is discouraged from doing so. NO! If you pass it, other people might and the patient might be affected.

Where is the fuse located that controls the inside dash lights to a 1993 ford explorer?

Where is the fuse located that controls the inside dash lights on a 1993 Ford Explorer

Will tail lights for a 2001 Ford Explorer fit on a 2001 Ford Explorer sport?

Yes any tail lights/head lights, pretty much everything but doors will fit on both ford explorer sports and 4dr explorers between the years 1998 and 2001

Why doesn't my inside lights work on 1989 jaguar xjs Dash lights don't work eather. Fuses are all ok.?

Had the same problem myself. Check the ignition feed to the fusebox in passenger footwell.

A wiring diagram for instrument panel lights for 1998 Ford Explorer?

instrument panel lights for 1998 ford explorer the fues is good and when dimmer swtich is good

Is it better to have motion activated security lighting or security lighting that is always on?

It is often recommended and preferred to have motion activated security lighting. It will startle a criminal and it is bright. Another advantage to having motion activated lights is that you and your neighbors will notice when lights suddenly come on so you can react quickly to any possible intrusion.

Why does the dome lights stay on when the switch is turned off 2001 Ford Explorer super?

why does the dome lights stay on when the switch is turened off 2001 ford explorer super

Why do Running Lights and Hi Beams work but low beams and fog lights don't in a 95 Explorer XLT all fuses ok?

Just had the same problem. Replace the Multi Function (turn signal) switch on the steering column

Why do all turn signals work except rear passenger but that light works when hazard lights are on and backup lights don't work either all fuses test okay What is the problem with my 99 ford windstar?

check the front flasher

How do you turn fog lights on in 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The push button switch to turn on and off the fog lights is in ( the center stack of the dash , to the right of the radio )

What would cause Interior lights going on and off and locks opening and locking while driving ford explorer?

It migt be a problem with the central computer or more simply by the symptoms you describe I'll go for an alarm sytem problem

How do you turn fog lights on a 2002 limited explorer?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer : On the headlight switch , select automatic , park lights, or low beam headlights and pull the headlight switch out towards you to turn the fog lights on ( push the switch in again to turn the fog lights off )

Why do the lights on a semi trailer dim when turn signals are on?

Well, actually they shouldn't - if other bulbs dim when a turn signal is activated, that usually indicates a short or other fault in the circuit, or a problem with the bulbs themselves.

How do you turn off daytime running lights in a ford explorer 2003?

If the Explorer is running engaging the parking brake is supposed to turn the daytime running lights off , otherwise the daytime running lights are supposed to shut off when the engine is shut off . I have a 2004, Eddie Bauer Explorer. On the light switch itself, there is a selection to turn on or off the day lights, as well as the extended, courtesy lights after ignition is turned off.

How do you fix your lighting problem with your 94 Chevy Cavalier Z24 you have no tail lights dash lights or parking lights?

how do you fix your lighting problem with your 94 chevy cavalier z24 you haveno tail lights dash lights or parking lights

2002 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer dash board lights?

Need to know what about the dash board lights.

Is sensor for daytime running lights a problem in 2000 Ford Explorer?

I own a 2000 Ford Explorer. It does not have daytime running lights.However, if you bought the Explorer in Canada, by law all new vehicles made or imported after January 1, 1990 are required to have DRLs. Some were equipped with them in 1975.Too bad the mentality in the US is to equip cars with countless useless accessories, and ignore this simple and effective safety measure.