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No, an aftermarket intake like K&N or Airaid will make your Trac run better. If the engine can breathe better it will run better. Get the better intake, and get a better exhaust. The truck will run much better.

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Does throttle body spacer save fuel?

A throttle body spacer can save fuel as well as improve performance. This is done by adjusting the flow of air and fuel as it enters the intake.

What brand of throttle body spacer do you need to be compatible with the KM air intake on a 2005 Nissan Titan?


Will a throttle body spacer make a difference to your expedition 1997 and how would I install it?

= Ford Throttle Body Spacer Description = In order for the engine of a Ford to run well, it needs a high volume of dense air coming into the combustion chamber at all times. Increasing the amount of air coming in to the engine will give the engine a power boost, and the Ford throttle body spacer is just the part to do the job. When installed, it will sit between the throttle body and the cold air intake. As the air comes into the Ford throttle body spacer, it is accelerated by a set of ridges that induces a vortex pattern into the flow. This allows the cold sir intake to move air in quicker. The Ford throttle body spacer also compresses the air, so that a larger amount will fit into the combustion chamber. The engine's computer will then increase the amount of fuel injected into the mixture, and when the combination is ignited, the resulting explosion will push the pistons down with more force. With the Ford throttle body spacer installed, the vehicle will gain several horsepower, and it will also see an increase in gas mileage. Because the hardware and gaskets that are required to install the Ford throttle body spacer are included in the kit, all that will be needed is a few simple tools. After the cold air intake is disconnected from the throttle body, and the gasket removed, the Ford throttle body spacer and gaskets can be installed. We carry the Ford throttle body spacer for many models in our online catalog, and with an easy, toll-free phone call or through our secure web site, the unit can be easily ordered.

Can you put a throttle body spacer on tbi engine?

Yes, you can. TBI stands for Throttle Body Injection, and a spacer can be used provided you have the clearance for it.

Can you recommend performance upgrades for a 06 mustang gt?

I have a '06 manual with Steeda underdrive pulleys, a C&L Cold Air Intake, a throttle body spacer, and a Diablosport Predator Tuner. I'm soon to install a twin 62 mm throttle body and I have a zex nitrous wet kit on order. For the money the intake and pulleys and tuner provided great results.

Where is the throttle body spacer located?

The throttle body spacer is a small piece of metal that is attached the back of a throttle body. It is suppose to change the airflow which can potentially give you more horsepower and better fuel economy.

Where is the idle air control valve on a 1994 f 150 4.6 l?

bolted to the back of the throttle body spacer (elbow shaped thingy on top of the intake.)

How do you improve performance on a 2000 silverado V-6?

Cold Air Intake System, Throttle Body Spacer, Performance Exhaust System, Performance Programmer, Electric Radiator Fan, High Performance Synthetic Oil, Premium Octane Gas. K & N, AirAid, Gibson, Hypertec, Derale, Royal Purple. Are all highly recommended brands. Check out the Related Link below.

How do you install a throttle body spacer on your s-10?

ok ok first you need to unscrew the top of the intake (assuming you have the stock one) then you pull out the intake and then take off bottem then you take off the inlet hose. after doing that you remove the paper ring ontop of the throttle body and then you take a hammer perferably a metal one and smack it as hard as you can until it is competely ruined then you drop kick in your windshield and slam the hood shut as hard as you can

4.3 horsepower need to boost it up 1999 blazer?

there is a ton of stuff to do, computer chip, cold air intake, exhaust, or a new camshaft, bore the engine bigger, intake manifold, throttle body spacer, tons of stuff......

What are some simple ways to increase Horsepower in a jeep?

i bought an Air Raid intake system and throttle body spacer. it cost just over $300, and it feels like i have a new jeep. it was very easy to install, took me less than an hour. i have 33 inch tires, and my 4.0 had a hard time keeping up in fifth gear before the install. now my power is better throughout the rpms. generally, any time you decrease the airflows resistance from intake to exhaust, horsepower, gas mileage, and throttle response is increased.

What is the most horsepower you can get out of a stock 350 throttle body 1990 without doing anything to the pistons?

you can add a throttle body spacer, add a msd kit and platinum spark plugs and wires, cold air intake, you could gain about 15-20 more hp.

Why does a 1990 Pontiac Grand Am hesitate to accelerate?

clean out or replace the throttle body spacer...

How much is gained from a throttle body spacer?

like 5 or 6 horse i belive

How does a throttle body spacer works?

Throttle body spacer works by regulating the flow of air into the engine of the vehicle. It allows more air than is required into the system so that the engine does not have to work too hard to correct the combustion chamber.

where can I purchase a body throttle spacer?

You can buy a body throttle spacer on the internet, at your dealership or in a garage, all depends on your preferences. To be sure you get one that you will be satisfied with, you could check out reviews on the internet before making your selection, that way, you'll make the most informed decisions when you buy.

Do you have to adjust a crank sensor in a Jeep Wrangler?

If the sensor has a slotted mounting hole, then yes. Chrysler recommends installing a cardboard, glue on spacer to the sensor before install to set the proper gap. The spacer is available from the dealer of course.If the sensor has a slotted mounting hole, then yes. Chrysler recommends installing a cardboard, glue on spacer to the sensor before install to set the proper gap. The spacer is available from the dealer of course.

Does a throttle body spacer help your car excelerate quicker?

It improvea the horsepower, torque and the fuel economy of a car.

How many miles per gallon do 1997 jeep wranglers get?

Hi. A Wrangler will get around 16-18 MPG. However, if you install an electric cooling fan, a throttle body spacer, and splitfire plugs you will get 19-24 MPG. It worked for me.

How to install vw bug mechanical fuel pump?

disconnect the battery. Remove the pump bolts, and the fuel lines. Carefully lift out the pump, the drive rod, and the spacer. Inspect the spacer and rod for wear. Install the new pump in the reverse order.

Your ford f -150 has 235 horsepower you added a kn cold air intake a max energy hyper chip and throttle body spacer how much horsepower does it have now. 2005 f-150 4.6?

To be sure you need to tested on a DYNO.

Should i put a nitrous plate on top of or below my carb spacer on a small block Chevy?

The difference would in most cases be negligible, but the simple andswer is better. I would place the nitrous plate underneath your carb spacer right on top of the intake manifold if it is a multiholed spacer. Reason being is that if you have a multihole spacer, it may interfere with the nitrous flow and cause the atomized nitrous and gas to drop out of suspension and puddle. This can cause very bad issues if it builds up and there is a back fire through the intake. However the issue isn`t as much of a problem with an open spacer as there is negligible difference in flow impedance. Now the opposite might be true if you have a very low profile intake. In that case I recommend above an open spacer as it will keep the nitrous jetting from hitting the intake floor, which also would result in some loss of atomized mixture. Hope this has helped

Why does the Mercedes w109 6.3 have a spacer between the sub-frame mounting and body but the 280SE W108 does not?

the spacer lowers the front axle to alow to install the large m100 6.3 engine.

What can you use to beef up your motor in your suburban?

We put Billet pulleys and Throttle body spacer on mine & I noticed a HUGE difference in performance. Also, we are going to put headers on it. I noticed about a 35 - 40% difference with just the spacer and pulleys.

Can you install a body lift kit on top of a spacer lift kit?

Of course. Body lifts just lift the body of the vehicle. While spacer lift kits lift your vehicle using the suspension. Body lifts will not improve clearance while spacer lift kits will.

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