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Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. If the pains are severe see your doctor for a check over. Good luck.

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Q: You have been spitting a lot and having pains in your side and stomach so could this be a sign of pregnancy?
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Spitting constantly could you be pregnant?

If you're having sex you could be pregnant, but spitting isn't a recognized indicator of pregnancy

Is having your stomach feel hard a sign of pregnancy?

take a pregnancy test, your stomach could feel different for lots of reasons

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling sick to your stomach and light headed and you have been having stomach cramps?

Yes you could be pregnant or you could have a tummy bug. Do a pregnancy test when your period is late.

If you have stomach pain and not a lot of pregnancy symptoms could you be having an ectopic pregnancy?

Your side will hurt when you cough or strain and you will bleed if it's a tubal pregnany.

Could you be pregnant or is it a stomach upset?

Having an upset stomach means nothing. It just means you have an upset stomach. You probably ate something that didn't agree with you, that's all. An upset stomach is not an indicator of pregnancy at all.

Could you be pregnant if you are having nausea and stomach pains and your period is 1 day late?

Its possible but unlikely take a pregnancy test

What causes stomach twitching in the upper part of stomach?

It could be digestion. if it persists, it could be a parasite or pregnancy

Can you tell if you are pregnant by stomach symptoms?

no. stomach symptoms could mean lots of other things and are NOT determinant of pregnancy. get a pregnancy test.

Your girl is having pain in her stomach and she has a hard spot on the side of her stomach is she pregnant?

I think she should take a pregnancy make sure. and if not I think she should go to the doctor. It could be seriouse.

What are possible reasons for having cramping nausea diarrhea and a late period?

If you've had sex then those could be pregnancy symptoms, so take a pregnancy test. Otherwise, they sound like they could well be from a stomach bug or virus.

Is an upset stomach a sign of pregnancy?

It could be or a sign of a virus.

Could you be pregnant if you never missed you period and you urine test says negative but you are having symtoms and you stomach is taking the form of a pregnancy?

If you have not missed your period and the pregnancy test is negative, then I would believe you are not pregnant.

Could hardness and slight soreness in the stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Typically the first sign of pregnancy will be a missed period.

Is having a lot of tummy aches a sign of pregnancy?

Tummy aches are said to be common in the first few weeks of pregnancy. But, it could also be a stomach thing. If you really think you may be pregnant, take a test.

If your stomach is ichy is it signs of pregnancy?

If your stomach is ichy it is signs of pregnancy This is not a sure thing and your stomach could simply be itchy from dry skin like any other part of the body. Try "Aveeno" lotion. Wait and then take a pregnancy test.

Is salvia illigal?

Having salavia is not illegal, although spitting in the streets is and you could get a ticket for at least $25.00.

Could you be pregnant if you have been spotting but it only sHow is when you wipe and your stomach feels tight?

Yes you could be, or you could be having a medical problem or it could be nothing. Take a pregnancy test and then talk to your ob/gyn regardless if its positive or not.

What makes a cats stomach swell?

Take him to the vet. It could be serious. --- Or it could be pregnancy or you are overfeeding it.

Could you be pregnant if your stomach is bloated but not hard?

Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Bloating is not a sign of early pregnancy.

Is a tight feeling in your stomach and sharp pains in your pelvic area as well as sensitive stomach to smells an early sign of pregnancy?

Sensitive to smells is a definite sign of pregnancy. Craps and pains could be pregnancy, but could also be your period. Take a test to be sure.

If you are having serious pains in uor stomach that dont feel like cramps can that mean your pregnant?

Could be gas . Take a pregnancy test . That will take out the guess work .

You have 2 weeks til you start your period you are having small crampa in your lower stomach could you be pregnant?

Not likely due to the location of the cramping. If you used the geographical term of stomach loosely, then it might be that you are constipated if this cramping is in the lower abdomen. However, the stomach is not an area that would cramp due to pregnancy so if this is the actual location of the cramping then it would rule out pregnancy. Cramping is not a usual symptom of pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms of pregnancy? Pregnancy is always a possibility with sexual activity.

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weird?

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weid after having unprotected sex.

Could you be pregnant by being sick to your stomach and not be having your period for one month and eleven days?

It's possible that you could be pregnant. I would recommend that you take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

What causes stomach twitching?

could be gas due to irregular digestion or pregnancy