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Increased appetite may be a sign of pregnancy, usually nausea and breast tenderness are the most common symptoms. A vaginal discharge menas you probably have a vaginal infetion, possibly even A STD. Frequent urination can be seen with pregnancy although usually later in the pregnancy, it could mean you have a Urinary Tract Infection. You should probably see your doctor.


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Starving yourself can stop your menstrual and ovulation cycle and therefore you would not be able to get pregnant.

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It could be gas if you ate a huge meal. If you are having unprotected sex you could be pregnant with or without cramps.

Yes from about a week before i even miss my period im starving like i haven't eaten for days. Normally i can skip breakfast and not be to fussed, when pregnant my tummy is churning around 8 am.

I'm sure you can. That disgusting lump on your starving stomach takes half of the food you eat, so when you're hungry it is too, and if you can hear your own un-pregnant stomach growl, im sure a pregnant stomach is even louder.-IQ

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