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smelly brown discharge is gonnorrhea and you must see a doctor for a prescription.

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Q: You have had brown discharge for a couple of days now It's about 11 days after your period you also have small cramps?
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3 day late period came on was light with no cramps after brown discharge can you be pregnant?

No you are not

3 days late on your period but then had a light period with no cramps ow brown discharge could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test

What is white and brown?

White and brown discharge means that you are about to have a period in a couple of days.It's sticky and horrid,but nothing to worry about.

Period cramps brown gooey discharge but no blood and on the pill?

17 days late for this month's period, light burning and pressure in the lower abdomin, with stickey brownish vaginal discharge. plese help!

What does it mean when you have yellowish brown discharge?

These could be pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is due and take a home pregnancy test to confirm.

What is brown discharge a couple of days before your period mean?

this is just a discharge from your body it nothing to worry about it. if it keeps occurring seek an professional helps!

What Causes brown discharge after period?

See the related link on what causes brown discharge after period.

How do you know if im about to start your period 4 the 1st time?

You Will Get Menstural Cramps and a Yellow Discharge In your Underwear Sometimes Its Even a Very Light Brown.

I am 11 and i had brown discharge today . The same month but last year i got my period but not continuously and today i had gone to the bathroom and saw 2 dark brown spots on my underwear . Is it my period ?

after that i have been having lots of cramps

I have been spotting for a week very light brown discharge very sore breasts and cramps but no period what are the possibilities?

Have you been having sex? You could be pregnant. If your period is late, you should test.

If you have brown discharge every time a week before your period and this time you period is late with tingling niples breast so sore you don't want to touc them but still have cramps could you be pre?

If you are still having a period, you are not pregnant.

Is having smelly brown discharge and stomach and back cramps when your on the combined pill normal a few days before your period starts?

smelly brown discharge is STD please get checked. Smelly is the key word here. If you are having brown discharge that smells like old blood discuss changing to a different pill, you may need a mini-pill.