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Absolutely not. I have unlimited text and pictures, and I send pictures to facebook mobile all the time, free of charge.

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How do you change Facebook profile picture on mobile?

you can't, you can just upload picture using your mobile regards.

How can change your facebook picture on mobile?

Actually .. you can't.. If you have a picture in your phone and you want it to be your Profile picture on facebook.. you Have to transfer it from your phone.. to a Computer/Laptop/Netbook/etc...

What is the facebook email address to email a photo profile picture?

Log into FacebookGo to facebook.com/mobileYou should find it there

What is Facebook mobile?

It is FaceBook on your mobile device.

How do you send photos to facebook from mobile phone?

I usually send a picture message to my email and save the picture to my computer there. Then I upload it onto Facebook, but I think there might be an easier way. This takes a while sometimes.

What is the meaning of facebook on mobile?

It means that you are accessing Facebook from your mobile phone.

When did Facebook launch Facebook Mobile?

Facebook Mobile was launched in 2006. Today more than 65 million people now actively using Facebook on their mobile devices. i love whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come on Facebook it wont let you do Facebook mobile?

Yes you can. the URL for mobile is m.facebook.com

Can I send messages to Facebook from any mobile device?

Yes you can. You'll need to set up your Facebook account for Facebook Mobile (click on My Mobile then Learn More About Mobile Texts). This allows you to use text messaging to send to and receive from Facebook.

Does Facebook mobile use internet?

I have facebook mobile and you dont use internet its all texts

Where can get your mobile email from Facebook?

You cannot get your email from facebook.

How do you send status updates to Facebook from your phone?

You have to get facebook mobile. When you get facebook mobile it will be sent a code you have to type in on facebook. After that you can send anything you want to send. The number is 36654

Can you sign in using mobile number into the facebook account?

yes you can login using mobile number in facebook on the main facebook login page.

How many people have Facebook accounts on phones?

For obvious reasons, it is not possible to estimate the exact number of facebook mobile users. However, i googled and found out some statistics regarding facebook mobile. "There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices. People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users. There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products"

What is the difference between mobile Facebook and Facebook?

Mobile facebook is a subdomain of facebook. Mobile facebook is simplified in the interface, as well as reduced in size, to allow for easy use and fast loading on mobile devices (Where an internet connection is not as fast as a computer.). Facebook has many different subdomains... Facebook has signed contracts with some mobile providers to allow free access to facebook on cellphone browsers. Offsite links and photo access, as well as a few other features, however, are not free.

How do you chat on Facebook mobile?

FaceBook mobile doesn't provide for chatting. You can send and receive messages the same way you do on a computer.

I am logged on my Facebook account on my dads android and I need to know how do you logout of Facebook Mobile?

To logout of Facebook Mobile on Android you need to roll to the sign out option, then click on it.

When you like a post on facebook will you get a text message when someone comments on it?

It depends on your personal facebook texting settings. You can change these by going to account settings>mobile>facebook mobile.

How do you send photo to Facebook message from Facebook mobile message?

The easiest way to communicate with Facebook from a mobile device is to download the Facebook application to that device. Once fully installed, pictures can be uploaded to facebook or directly messaged to friends.

How do you install facebook on china mobile?

To install Facebook on China Mobile you must first download the app to your computer and then save it to your phone.

How do you could install facebook on china mobile?

Most of china mobile supports MRP format application.To download Facebook for china mobile, go to the related links section.

What is Rob Pattinson's Official Facebook?

he hasn't got a facebook but i have his mobile number

How does the mobile application for Facebook work?

You can install the mobile application for Facebook on any smart phone and then you can just use facebook exactly how you would on your computer, except now you can anywhere on your phone!

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