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Is it a lifter ticking?

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โˆ™ 2008-12-22 03:38:58
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Q: You hear noise when I start the car then when the enegin warms up the noise is gone?
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What could cause a loud whining noise on your 350 1992 caprice wagon as it warms up after about 5 mins its gone seems to be from the front end?

It depends on what you are calling a "whining noise". If it's very loud sounding like screeching tires it could be a slipping belt. Otherwise it could be an alternator that is working too hard or perhaps failing. Have it checked at an auto parts store that has in-car diagnostic equipment.

Oil in a 2006 vw passat 2.0t?

every 3 000 miles , pls , or the engine will start making funny noise "like is gone " mobile 1 or castrol full syntetic :)

What is the knocking noise when you turn right in a Chevy Venture?

It might be a CV joint, when the CV boot is ripped and the grease is partly gone , then it makes noise.

Noise when cold gone when clucth presed?

Your throw out bearing is making noise.They almost always make noise.If it is not a loud shrieking noise it is perfectly normal.

When brakes start grinding is it just pads or rotors too?

The grinding noise is from the the pads being gone and rotors being grinded away. Unless it was just some rust on the rotors from sitting for days.

How do you know when a water pump has gone bad on a 92 Honda civic?

Coolant weeping and noise.


no noise- no problem

What would cause a squeaking noise at low speeds from front tire in Saturn IonNot brakes or rotors apparently?

If you have hubcaps take then off and drive it. If the noise is gone the squeak is coming from the metal ring on inside of the hubcap. A few of the platic rivets are most likely loose. You can buy some foam tape to insulate the ring and the noise will be gone

Dodge ram 2004 transmission humming noise?

i had some type of problem with my Transmission it had a loud humming noise whenever i start, the humming would go away when ever i start moving, but when i came up to a stop sign or a red light the humming would start, my friend who is a very good repair in all type of automotive told me my transmission oil pump was bad, well after he change the transmission oil pump the problem was gone.

What is the roaring noise when you brake?

Your front pads are most likely gone on at least one side-check them.

Signs of bad brake rotors?

A pulsation when braking, and a loud screeching noise(pads also gone).

What could cause a noise from tires while driving?

You could have blown your tire or it could have gone flat.

Why noise pollution increased?

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Why is thre noise when turning car left or right?

Sounds like you have a bad or both axles gone bad.

Is it safe to drive if vibrations noise from car wheels?

No it isn't because it means something has gone wrong with your car.

What is wrong with your car if it makes a humming noise and makes a grinding noise when you turn the wheel when you are not driving and a loud sound comes from the muffler?

as far as the humming noise and the grinding noise it sounds like your power steering pump is either out of fluid or gone bad completely. as for the muffler? ?MAYBE? the strain from the bad power steering pump is overworking the engine causing it to make noise? answer definetly a bad steering pump as for muffler, the sound can be transfred and magnified on a car, replace steering pump before bothering about the muffler sound may be gone

91 stealth es every time you go to start it you hear a sparatic clicking noise can anyone help you?

My 93 Stealth es was doing the same thing..low battery or starter it was on mine, replace both and sound is gone.

95 jeep grand Cherokee limited 4wheel dr locks in when it warms up and will not release until it cools down?

Viscuous coupling in the transfer case has gone bad.

High pitched noise power locks 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Which ever one or ones are making the noise, the lock actators have gone bad. The actuator comes as part of the door latch.

How do you know when your ignition switch has went out?

You know your ignition switch has gone out when you turn the key and there is no click or any noise at all. If there is a click or other audible noise it is probably the spark plug or something of that sort.

What are signs of a bad piston?

Excessive smoke from the exhaust, and an engine miss. If you remove a plug wire while the engine is at idle and the noise is gone or almost gone then that would indicate the cylinder that the piston is bad.

Grinding noise in front end of mercury in drive trian of mountaineer 1997?

Depends, If it makes noise only while turning or driving on a curve, then it is one of your hub bearings gone bad. I just replaced mine and it was somewhat of a pain but the noise went away. While driving, If you turn left and you hear the noise then it is the passenger side bearing gone bad and if you turn right and hear the noise it will be the driver side bearing . Hope this helps you..... Here is a link you can view to give you an idea of the part needed...

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