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No but now that you've told me about it I might go search it on Google.=D

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Who created hello kitty's friends?

hello kitty is so bad if you say no is cause you don't know the real story about it go to google and put is hello kitty bad and it's going to say the real story about hello kitty

What is the scary true story of hello kitty?

One scary story is that Kitty means devil in Japanese, and that a long time ago, a lady had a daughter who had mouth cancer and she made a deal with the devil to create Hello Kitty if he healed her daughter. This is why Hello Kitty has no mouth, because it symbolizes the daughter. So supposedly, Hello Kitty is bad and is the devil. While this makes for an interesting story, there is no word in Chinese for the word devil that even comes close to the word "kitty". This is just a story.

Is there really a Hello Kitty Devil connection?

No. That story is just too stupid to be true.

How can i start a story about a girl that loves hello kitty?

start it with " Once there was a girl who loved cats. One day there was a new toy called Hello kitty and she asked her mum if she could get it. So if you just add to it and put a few touches then you will have a story about a girl who loves hello kitty.

What is the story behind hello kitty?

the story is she suck's because she's a Kat and like's pink -END OF STORYWELL NO THAT PERSON sucks....as i have heard hello kitty was drawn by a little girl that was either beat or abused by her father. this little girl decided to draw hello kitty with out a mouth because she would tell her everything and she didn't want her to say anything because she was afraid her father would get mad or beat her.that's would i was toldHello Kitty was apparently started when a mother of a child dying of cancer made a pact with the Lord Of The Underworld ™. If The Devil spared her child's life then in return she would start a toy company that payed homage to him. Makes sense right? I mean who wouldn't look at Hello Kitty stuff and not think 'homage to the Devil'?

How was hello kitty invented?

One day a long long time ago a girl said Hawoo Hitey and the father got an idea of Hello Kitty and that is the man who wrote the books and created the movie of Hello Kitty. And that my friends is the story of Hello Kitty!-Hello Kitty ExpertHello Kitty UniversityFounding Since 1996actually no thts a lie u need to do more research because company in london in 1974 wanted to think of a cartoon tht kids and teens would like..so get it straight

What is the true story of hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was born on the 1st of November 1974, Sanrio were trying to come up with a cute character that would sell millions and guess what? They found Hello Kitty! Hello kitty also has a sister, Mimmy. Actually, Hello Kitty's real name is Kitty White. So Kitty live with Mimmy(sister) George(father) and Mary(mother). Kitty and Mimmy loved to visit her grandparents and she usually found her Grandfather painting. Name: Kitty White Age: 35 in 2009 Height: five apples Weight: three apples

What is hello kitty's true story?

All I know is that "Kitty" means "devil" in Japan. So it's REALLY Hello "devil"

Where can you see the whole true story about hello kitty?

right here on this website! just ask it.

The real story about hello kitty?

kitty is actually nick named after the person who created it . kitty doesn't have a mouth because when people see it they can be sad and happy without telling what kittty is.

Who invented the terrible story of hello kitty?

they invited her the girl who made hello kitty was a girl in 1989 a woman daughter haded cancer in her mouth so she told god to help her but he didnt so she asked the devi to help her so she could make a cartoon hello kitty with no mouth for real life it is not true its fake

Is it tru hello kitty is a devil?

No! Hello kitty is a sweet loving character that does everything to teach children manners to look cute on jewelry and clothes. There is nothing that should indicate that Hello Kitty is a devil. There might be some joking around with giving her different costumes but that does not mean anything to her true personality. Though her story does have connections saying that she represents the devil.

Why was hello kitty made for Satan?

This is purely an urban legend. There is no factbehind it.The story says that a 12 year old girl had oral cancer, and she was dying. The parents, frantic, made a deal with the devil to save her life. They made Hello Kitty as a tribute to the devil that would appeal to children. Hello Kitty had no mouth because of the child's oral cancer.

Does hello kitty have anything do with the devil?

yes, she is a part of the devil her real story is that there was a little girl that had cancer and was about to die but her mother made a promise with the devil and said you make my daughter better she would make something that will always remind people about him and in japan when you say hello "kitty" you are saying hello "devil"

Which hello kitty TV show is about Kitty and Mimi going to a birthday party but needing costumes they get ideas out of a fairy tale book and they imagine the story inside about a frozen kingdom?

Hello Kitty in The Sleeping Princesswatch the first 5 min here to see if this is correct (I've been searching for the same episode)

Is hello kitty demonic?

An old story says it is. Apparently, a 14 year old girl had mouth cancer the doctors had already said they couldn't do anything. After they crushed their hope for the cancer to go away, the mother desparately turned to the devil, the devil promised to cure her daughter if she promised to make a doll for him; one that everybody would like. So, they made hello kitty; hello meaning hola, hello, in spanish, and kitty coming from the Chinese orgin definition meaning devil.So it says hello devil.

Why is Hello Kitty the devil?

The story is that there was a woman that did cartoons, and her daughter had cancer in her mouth. So she asked God to help and he didn't So she asked the devil if you cure my daughter then i will make a cartoon for you, that represents you. So the devil helped her and so she made a cartoon that doesn't have a mouth. Hello kitty.

Was hello kitty invented in France?

No it was created in Japan butt da story is da only reason hello kitty was made was to save dis Japanese ladies son from dying so she prayed to the devil to not take him n dat she would make a cute character dat ppl would admire but be da symbol of the devil "Hell"o kitty

How did hello kitty come about?

there was a woman in Japan i can't remember her name but her daughter was really sick and so she prayed to demons to cure her sick daughter when the demons came to help her they wanted something in return. the woman said that she would make the sign of a cat to be known worldwide, and that's how hello kitty started. it's a true story other people won't think so but it is. i wouldn't have anything to do with hello kitty if i were you, originated from demons.

What is the scary story of Hello Kitty?

Ok The Answer Is There Was A little girl that was abused or beat by her father each time she would talk she would be beat so she drew hello kitty out of boredom and gave it no mouth since she was not able to speak and so on that drawing became popular and more famous and the rest i have no idea

What is the story of Hello Kitty?

KittyBirthday: November 1st, 1974Birthplace: London, England (Rumors say that she was born in Japan. Not true)Weighs: Three ApplesBirth Name: Kitty WhiteSiblings?: Yes. Mimmy.ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY PAGE, PowerpuffGirls9. Yes, I LOVE KITTY and Powerpuff Girls. :) Thank you. :)AND NOTE: I AM A KITTY EXPERTIE.

What makes a resource scarce?

well the dinosaurs ate most of our resources so now hello kitty must conserve energy. TRUE STORY BRO

What is the whole story of hello kitty being the devil?

The story is that there was a woman that did cartoons, and her daughter had cancer in her mouth. So she asked God to help and he didn't So she asked the devil if you cure my daughter then i will make a cartoon for you, that represents you. So the devil helped her and so she made a cartoon that doesn't have a mouth. Hello kitty.

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