You hired an attorney in a personal injury case and the attorney says the case takes time well it's going on 2 years can you fire her without paying her a fee Her fee is a percentage?

First, I'm not a lawyer but we were in a similar instance here in NC. You can fire but it all depends on your agreement. Ours was a percentage and fees incurred. Those 'fees incurred' protect the lawyer from such action. We were in a suit for 3 years and finally we had to file due to statute of limitations being 3 years in our case from date of injury due to product liability, in this case, a prosthetic limb.

We finally settled after 3.5 years for way less than we should have in my opinion.

This lawyer was our second choice as the first lawyer quit on us and charged us $2500 for his costs which were even more absurd. Just stick with it and be patient or look for a lawyer who is someone who can get top dollar without soaking you dry (usually 30%).