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This is normal & isn't a indication of pregnancy. Your cervix is high because you just ovulated.

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Q: You just Ovulated a few days ago and now your cervix is higher you can't even feel it What does this mean?
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Can you become pregnant the day of or 2 days before your period?

yes u can because your body already ovulated or is ovulated. and its very possible to get pregnant...

If your period is 7 days late you ovulated on time but HPT was negative can you be pregnant?


How many days does the sperm cell stays in the women's cervix?

They are not in the cervix, they have swam into the uterus where they stay up to 5 days until they die. The discharge wash them out.

8 days after a miscarriage is it fine to have protected sex?

You should wait one month due to the higher risk of infection since your cervix is still open.

Are you pregnant if you ovulated four days ago but are still having some mild cramping?

Are you sure you ovulated a few days ago and not now? There's always a possibility but the baby wouldn't be implanted yet so it's to soon to tell.

How long does it take a cervix to close after a miscarriage?

4 days

Can you start your period two days after sex and be pregnant?

Starting your period two days after intercourse, is the sign that you had ovulated about 10 - 12 days prior to having sex - so you are not pregnant.

How many days of After last period hcg can be detected in urine if an woman conceived?

A month after her last period or around 14 days after she thinks she ovulated or had sex.

After giving birth does the cerviX go back to normal?

Yes. The cervix, vagina, and uterus will all go back to their original size in a matter of days/weeks.

I spotted the first three days of my period and then it was heavy the next two days how do you know if ovulated This was my first time off the pill in 12 years and I am 31.?

You will only know if you ovulated by purchasing a ovulation predictor test from your Pharmacist. Your period is not caused by ovulation but by the reduction in the amount of BCP in your system.

You am having a LH surge 2 days before your due period is this a pregnancy sign?

An LH surge indicates that you have ovulated.

If you are 18 weeks pregnant when did you conceive?

At 16 weeks - assuming your cycles were 28 days long and you ovulated mid-cycle.

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