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check the vin number on the engine does it match the caar if so original motor

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โˆ™ 2006-12-17 23:04:20
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Q: You just bought a 95 avalonXLS How do you know if it is the original engine or a replacement?
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How do you unlock a 300 turbo z engine that locked up because of no oil?

The engine will require an overhaul or replacement.The engine will require an overhaul or replacement.

Chevy c10 pickup starter?

OK, I have a C10 but what is the question? Where is it? Does it have one? 6 or 8 cylinder? Original engine or replacement? More info needed....

What is cost of an engine?

A rebuilt engine can be bought for about $800. The old engine has to be returned after it is removed from youir car. The new engine has to be installed at a cost of about $2500. Parts attached to the engine may need replacement -- the alternator, the pollution control devices, the fuel injectors, etc. Total cost could run as high as $6000.

Will a 1991 Saturn motor work in a 1992 Saturn?

Yes, but you will need to swap over the lower mount bracket from your original engine onto the replacement engine. And you'll need to install a 1992-1998 timing chain cover onto the 1991 engine.

Is a 1984 Honda trx200 four stroke or two stroke?

just bought one it came with the original ad/manual says its a 192cc fourstroke engine

Engine Replacement?

form_title=Engine Replacement form_header=Need a new engine? Get your car running again with help from an expert mechanic. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ How many miles are on your car?=_ Describe the problem with your engine in detail.=_ What is the engine size of your car?=_

If you bought a used car and found out it did not have the original engine and that was not disclosed to you during the purchase is that fraud and can you sue the dealership?

No, unless they specifically told you it had the original engine. Does the engine in the vehicle now, run as it should? If so, what is your problem? They sold you a car with a good serviceable engine. Unless you were buying a collector car where having the original engine makes the car worth more, this is really a mute point. You are assuming the original engine would be better than the one it now has. That is not necessarily the case. Drive and enjoy your car, and forget the fact that the engine has been changed. This is not fraud in any shape or form. Replacing defective engines in used cars is done all the time. If they had sold you the car with the original defective engine still under the hood, would that have made you happy?

How Can a Chrysler 300 touring have a hemi engine?

It would have to be a special build or a replacement engine.

Is engine replacement includes head gasket?

If you get a new engine it will have a new head gasket

What is a sentence using the word replacement?

The old, broken down tractor needed an engine replacement. The teacher was ill today, and her replacement was very inexperienced.

Does having a 68 GM factory replacement engine in a 67 camaro lower the value or change the matching numbers?

Yes, it lowers the value. The numbers will no longer match. Keeping the original engine is the ideal situation which will make the car worth more.

What other Honda Engine will fit a Honda CRV 1996 petrol?

If you are referring to a straight-up engine replacement - - CR-V's are constructed on the Civic platfrom, therefore, any Civic engine will be an exact fit as a replacement.

Is Castrol synthetic a good replacement oil for a Harley Davidson?

If you use the same weight as The original oil, for example now the engine uses 15W-40, and you do an oil change, filling it with the same specs 15W-40 oil that's no problem for the engine.

What is the Worlds most produced car engine?

The most produced engine is the original Chevy/GM V-8 small block, produced from 1955-2003 for production vehicles, still produced as a replacement engine, and still widely used both in existing vehicles and as a performance/race engine. Approximately 90 million have been made.

Where is the VIN located on a 1929 Ford?

On the Engine if it is the original engine.

Timing chain scheduled replacement Saab 9000 cse?

Timing chains have no scheduled replacement they are designed to last the life of the engine. Timing belts have replacement intervals

Where can an Ignition Cable Set for Montero 1995 be bought in a reasonable price so it will not cause sparks noise in all radio and vocal equipment as it does when you install a non original set?

Do a Google search and shop online for a "MagnaCore" replacement set for your specific engine. It is a fully suppressed wire wound set that delivers superior spark with no noise being generated. Good luck

What causes a 2001 Chevy engine to periodically lose coolant?

The intake manifold gaskets have failed on many of the V6 and V8 Chevy and GMC trucks in our fleet. The replacement gaskets are a better design that the original.

What would be a good replacement engine for a 1975 Corvette?

If the engine is in good condition dont replace it,supercharge it.

How can I verify used engine been truly replaced from auto shop?

If you had recorded the engine block numbers from the old engine you could compare with the replacement engine.

What is a turnkey engine?

Also known as a "crate engine" a turnkey is a complete replacement. The engine is taken out of the shipping crate assembled and ready to be installed.

Will insurance cover engine replacement?

Only if it was damaged as a result of a accident.

Does the 2000 Nissan Maxima timing chain need replacement?

Under normal circumstances no, the chain normally needs no replacement. It is designed to last the life of the engine and is replaced during a complete engine rebuild.

What is the engine oil capacity for a 1995 Honda Civic 1.5 liter engine?

3.5 litres with filter replacement.

When did ford start producing the 4.6 engine?

Ford introduced the 4.6 liter engine in 1962 in the Ford Fairlane. It was a replacement engine for the 5.0 liter Windsor engine.