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Do a system restore. You could also keep using IE 8 in compatibility mode. And make sure that for real internet browsing you're using Firefox. Note: Only download is not enough. when you install internet explorer 8 after that you will get .

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How do you get the internet explorer back if you have Mozilla firebox without canceling it?

Just download Internet Explorer from Firefox. And by the way you spelled FIREFOX wrong.

How can you change from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome?

You can just install Google Chrome to use it. It can be downloaded from Google's website and chrome with a backslash.

What is the difference between Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8?

Internet Explorer 8 is more crome than Internet Explorer 7 and it has a msn toolbar just when you download it.But Internet Explorer 8 has some viruses so it's better if you just sitck with Internet Explorer 7 Thank you.get 13

What are the different between Internet and Internet Explorer?

they both are the same its just that internet explorer is to explore soething in Internet... that's all...

How do you install Internet Explorer if you don't have Internet access?

Visit a computer that does have internet access - such as your friend's house, a school, or even your local library - and download Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website on to that computer. Internet Explorer Home page: ---- [ ] ---- Drag the setup file (that you have just downloaded) on to a disc, "thumb drive", or other method of file transportation. Take your disc or thumb drive home, and run the setup file. Voila, Internet Explorer is installed!

How do you get a website off your explorer bar on Internet explorer?

Note: Just open internet explorer and type website name on address bar. and then just press enter key.

When will Internet Explorer 10 come out?

It probably will be a couple of years before Internet Explorer 10 comes out because Internet Explorer 9 just now fully came out.

I just downloaded a Wii game from the internet how do I play it on my Wii?

You can only play downloaded if your Wii is chipped

Does the internet explorer browser work on a mac?

Yes, Internet explorer does work on mac. It has a different operating system though. Just like how microsoft pcs has internet explorer, mac does too and its similar.

Where do I find Internet Explorer Updates?

When I update I always go to its free and easy. You just type your Internet explorer update and download the latest version. You can also go to Internet explorer website.

Does xbox 360 have internet browser?

Yes it has internet explorer, just download it on the marketplace.

What is the introduction to Internet?

Do you mean the introduction to internet explorer. If its just the internet this might help

What to do when internet explorer has stopped working?

I would check to see if I smell a gas leak if not I'd go play golf and if I came back and it still wasn't working I'd tell God to do something about it.

What crashes just after the start?

internet explorer & Space craft challenger

Do Google sites run well with Internet Explorer?

Yes their sites work just fine with Internet Explorer or almost any other browser out there on the market. Internet Explorer is the choice of browsers for most people and most people visit their sites.

How do you download monsters vs aliens?

just go on the internet and search it and then possibly pay for it to be downloaded

When a new tab is opened in internet explorer how do you get your home page?

internet explorer works on just need to browse through the tabs as it got no homepage while browsing

What is the version number of the latest internet explorer?

internet explorer 11 is latest version of IE and if you want any technical help just dial 1-855-212-2247 (toll free) number for internet explorer technical help and support number

How to return to previous screen on Internet Explorer?

Click the "Back" button on the top left hand corner of the screen. Answer: 1: When you open internet explorer and then you want go previous page. see on top left site near file menu a aero key symbol back. just click on this aero key symbol you will get previouse page.

Why the high number of Internet cache files on Internet explorer?

if you use internet explorer browser you can get more internet cache file. so delete these cache file if you want any technical help and support just dial 1-855-212-2247 (toll free) number for internet explorer technical help and support number

Printer and macs?

i have a hp deskjet and it works fine i lost my driver software and just downloaded it from the internet

Is internet explorer 9 new and easy to use?

Internet explorer 9 is new and it is quite easy to use on any desktop or laptop computer. You just have to study it until you become comfortable with it.

How do you get club penguin to work on Internet explorer?

I don't understand your question... I have Internet explorer and it works just fine! Maybe you should clear your cache! Make sure your typing it in right too!

How do you upgrade Microsoft Internet Explorer from 6.0 to 7.0?

just go to the Microsoft website and download it for free. There is a section on the homepage called "popular downloads" that lists Internet Explorer 7. Click on it and it will take you to the download site.AnswerYou can upgrade the internet explorer 6 to internet explorer 8 , simply visiting the Microsoft website and download the internet explorer 7 from it visit to download the internet explore 7Answer: Download internet explorer 7.0 from Microsoft website free of cost.

What is an explorer?

The basicdefinitionof explorer issomeone who travels into little known regions in search of something. In today's world explorer is normally just used for internet explorers, which are your web browsers.