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it needs a new clutch slave.


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If you clutch and it either goes all the way in with no pressure there is a leak in your slave cylinder or the higher you have to clutch means your clutch is sliping and has to be replaced. If your doing a lot of power shifting i would suggest you get a racing clutch instead.

There is no switch which will keep it from shifting. Instead, the clutch is not releasing the power of the engine from the transmission. Bleed the clutch.

gear and clutch relation _ when clutch is disconnect this time gear shifting thats relation

Sounds like the clutch is slipping and needs to be replaced - if cable was stretched clutch would not disengage and vehicle would creep in 1st gear and shifting would be difficult

The clutch on a 2155 can be adjusted through the linkage. By loosening and shifting it in one direction, the position of the clutch and its tension can be changed.

after the clutch master cylinder has been replaced.

Do you have a self adjusting clutch? If so, pull UP on the clutch pedal a couple of times. Easy money- I once thought I had to replace my clutch, turns out it just needed adjusted in the manner I described.

There are various ways through which you can know when your clutch is bad. When you are having troubles shifting gears, this might be a clear indication of a clutch problems.

Hard shifting after having a slave cylinder replaced is usually caused by air in the system. The air needs to be removed using a process called "bleeding".

it could be your clutch disc, but i can't say for certain because i would have to check it out my self. for the time being go ahead and replace your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.

Clutch is either misadjusted or needs to be replaced.

You probobly need to replace the clutch.

Difficulty shifting, can't reach first gear and grinds to reverse, have to stomp on the brakes to downshift, basically any sort of unusual difficulty with shifting, car jumps forward when clutch is engaged or moves while on a flat surface and clutch is engaged.

To the best of my knowledge, the clutch on this vehicle is hydraulic and does not need to be adjusted manually. If you are having trouble engaging the clutch or shifting you should have your clutch checked to see if it needs to be replaced. I had, what sounds like, the same problem with my clutch. I own a 1995 Saturn SL2 with a hydraulic clutch. I COULD NOT put car into gear, whether the car was running or turned off. It turned out that the hyrdaulic clutch was out of hydraulic fluid. I took it to my mechanic, (I hadn't the slightest clue what could be causing this). He took a look and filled the clutch with hydraulic fluid and said it works just fine now. He said he didn't see a leak, or any indications of a leak. So we will see. But the short of it is, your (hydraulic) clutch may just need hydraulic fluid.

Its has a bushing and should be replaced everything the clutch is being replaced, as a set!

I had a lot of trouble fitting the new clutch cable to my car.

== At a low RPM it is recommended to use the clutch but at 3rd gear it is alright to shift UP to 4th without pulling the clutch.

No. You will stall(or cut-out). This means that the car shuts down and then you have to clutch in and put it into neutral. Then(still on the clutch) turn on the car again.

Installed incorrectly, driver who rides the clutch, clutch out of adjustment, weak pressure plate, that should have been replaced along with the clutch.

Check transmission fluid level and make sure there are no leaks; older cars might need fluid replaced and any tranny leaks absolutely should be fixed. Then check your clutch--adjusting the clutch linkage or replacing the clutch might be needed, though this is not a job for an amateur. Check your timing belt (probably an actual rubber belt in an older import vehicle like yours, not a chain), it can be replaced if needed. I also have heard that a bad master cylinder or slave cylinder can do this, but to be honest I know nothing about repairs to that part of a vehicle, so I cannot advise.

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