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Q: You just intercourse only 2-5 minutes are you normal guy?
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Can males catch urinary tract infection from intercourse?

Only if said intercourse is very dirty. Generally normal intercourse with a healthy other will prevent this but there is always a possibility given how germ filed we are, however small.

Is thick white pasty discharge after intercourse normal for a female?

yes it is normal of white pasty discharge after intercourse for female only it gets a bit worried if the wite substance gets regularlly during normal days. So dont worry and enjoy ur sex life

Can cats have intercourse?

Yes, cats have intercourse, but only to procreate.

Would you be pregnant if you had normal period last month and no intercourse thereafter?

No. Sperm can only live in the body 5-6 days.

Why do boys say i love you and just leave you?

They do this because they only want to have intercourse with you, and no other commitment.

But what if your only in the 5th grade and he says no what would you do?

just be normal and tell him

Does smooching or deep lip kissing leads pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse is the only way that you can get pregnant. Just keep it above the waist.

How can you get more normal chao eggs with only one memory card?

Just keep breeding your to normal Chao!

Why can chromosomes be seen only when a cell is dividing?

first, cell divides after a sexual intercourse...the chromosomes are exposed only after an intercourse so,the chromosomes are only seen when the cell is dividing

What do you feed a dwarf rabbit?

just normal rabbit food, only not as much

Is it normal if a dog tries to do it with you I stopped him but I am don't know if it is normal?

it wrong to have intercourse with animals and illegal, but its not entirely weird, besides is only illegal if you get caught... it fine i guess if the dog wants to have sex with you, and you want to have sex with your dog then that's up to you

Is it normal to get your period twice a month?

It's normal to have period twice a month heavily just for 3 days only?

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