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Your Winchester was made in 1951, but see my answer to the related question linked at the right about finding the value. >>>>

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Q: You just received a Winchester model 94 from your grandfathers estate serial 1791867 It is in above average condition and has a round barrel Any idea as to value?
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Model 63 of my grandfathers no box a tiny rust spot by the sight and a little wear on the stock otherwise in very good condition what is the value?

If it's a Winchester, in the range of 300-600 USD.

What can you expect to pay for a 1873 winchester rifle in good condition?

You will have to pay 3,000 dollars or more for a original Winchester model 1873 lever action Winchester rifle in the condition you described.

What is the value of a Winchester model 52B never altered in excelent condition?

your Winchester model 52B in unaltered and 90% condition is valued at 2,250.00.If it is in 80% condition it would be valued at 1,650.00.

Winchester model 141?

The prices for a Winchester model 141 will vary depending on condition. The prices for one in good condition start at an estimated $299.

What is the value of a Winchester model 20-410 sn15730 good condition?

A Winchester model 20 shotgun in good condition(80%) original condition is valued at between 350-450 dollars.

What is a Winchester 121 rifle in good condition worth?


Winchester 150 22 rifle lever action it is in near new condition received as a gift in 1971 no more than 500 rounds shot. what is it worth?

around 200 dollars depending its in very good condition

What is the value of a Winchester model 101 serial?

The value of a winchester model 101 all depends on its condition. In poor condition it could be worth $400.00. in excellent mint condition it could be upwards of $2500.

What is the value of a Winchester 30-30 model 94 SN 1007124 in fair condition?

200-350 dollars for a Winchester model 1894 rifle in the condition that you describe.

What is the value of a Winchester model 400?

The value of the Winchester model 400 gun varies by its condition. As of 2014 this gun in excellent condition retails for around 400 dollars.

What is a 1943 Winchester model 94 worth?

Your Winchester is selling for between 375 dollars if in (60%) condition up to 500 dollars for a nice specimen in (80%) condition.

How much is a Winchester m1 garand worth?

Depends on condition, i was offered $1000 for my service grade Winchester

What is the value of a model 59 Winchester shotgun in mint condition?

Your Winchester model 59 in the stated mint condition will bring between 450-525 dollars on todays market.

What is the worth of a12gage Winchester modle37 in good condition?

ABOUT $200, depending on condition. It is a shotgun, and not a rifle.

What is the value of a 1958 Winchester model 70 rifle?

1958 model 70 Winchester 3006 good condition

What is the value of a 12 gauge Winchester model 1897 made in 1910 in well used condition?

The Winchester 12 gauge model 1897 made in 1910 in well used condition is $250. Excellent condition it is valued at $1,200.

What is the value of a Winchester model 425 pellet gun?

The Winchester model 425 was made for Winchester by "Meyer & Grammelspacher" of Germany. The value is determined by the condition of the rifle. without any information about the condition of the pellet rifle, no estimate of value can be determined.

What is a Winchester casting reel model 4356 worth?

The value of a Winchester casting reel model 4356 depends on its condition. A reel in excellent condition is valued between $100.00 and $120.00.

What is thebook price on a Winchester model 94 in 32 Winchester special manufactured between 1943 and 1948. It's invery good condition and I still use it every year for deer hunting?

Assuming that your Winchester is in very good condition,that is 70% condition? I would asign a value of 400 dollars.these price,s vary anywhere from 300 dollars for one in 50% condition to 500 for one in 90% condition.

What is the manufacture date of a Winchester 30-30 serial number 6381890 and the value this rifle is in perfect condition?

Your winchester model 1894 was made by winchester during the early 1990,s and as such is valued at between 300-350 dollars for a gun in perfect condition.

What is the value of a Winchester model 12 sn 65xxxx standard 12ga in good condition?

A Winchester Model 12 in "GOOD" condition can be worth between $250 and $450+ depending upon barrel length, choke, gauge, and condition of the wood.

What is the value of a Winchester 9422M XTR?

what is value of Winchester 9422M XTR in 99% condition with orig box ser #f433xxx

I Need a price on a Winchester shotgun model 59?

100% condition is $750.00, 60% condition is $200.00.

Winchester limited edition 1972 gold plated?

What condition is it in?

What is the value of a Winchester 67?

Depending on condition, $100 to $400