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should be about 7 although im 14 and im 8 inches

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โˆ™ 2009-12-30 04:18:25
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Q: You just turned 15 and your penis is 5 inches what size will it be when im fully grown?
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Is your penis supposed to be longer than an inch?

The average penis length in fully grown men is 5-6 inches.

Does a 13-year-old need to worry about penis size or will it naturally increase in size?

Dude, as soon as I turned fourteen my penis turned 13inches, look , as long as it gives yourself pleasure and makes other girls scream, your penis size is good. This dude who wrote this above is totally wrong and i bet is penis wasn't 13 inches at 14, the average penis size for a fully grown man is 5 inches to 7 inches. Don't worry your only 13 it is still growing.

My penis is two inches and i am a fully grown man is this normal?

no mate it ain't ad go 2 da hospital to get an inlargement

When is a penis fully grown?

around age 20

When does your penis stops growing?

The penis is normally fully grown and developed by the age of 21.

What if the penis is not fully grown by age 19?

How would you know it wasn't fully grown? It is most likely that it will not get noticeably larger.

How do you know when your penis is fully grown?

At age 19-20

At what age will you have a fully grown penis?

99 years old

What does a fully grown human penis look like?

an average penis is seven inches if your interesting in seeing a picture just google search it or imagine yours bigger/smalleror not recommended watch a porno

I just turned 15 and my penis size is 7 inches. How can it get bigger?

You're not fully grown yet. You won't know how big your penis will end up being until you're in your mid 20's. The average flaccid size for a human penis is 3.5 inches, and erect is 5 to 6 inches, so no worries. The only way your penis can actually get bigger is if it naturally grows more. Give it some time. i agree making ure dick bigger with surgery can be dangerous

If you just turned 15 and your penis is 6 inches how big will it get to be?

about 6.6 inches to 7.0 inches

How do you know when you penis is fully grown?

Puberty is normally fnished by age 19, in which case the penis has reached its full size.

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