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I'm a girl. I'd say it kind of depends on the girl and how far away we're talking. If it's like "only see you once a year or less" kind of far then I don't really have much to say. But if it's not THAT extreem you should seriousaly tell her how you feel. I think it'd be really cool if you just wrote her a little note and mailed it to her. And don't worry about what to say. Just be plain and honest. =]

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What should you do if you think a guy likes you?

The best thing is to flirt with him and see if he responds.

What should a guy say to a girl he likes?

the best thing you can do is tell her that you like her. make sure you compliment her and also ask her who she likes.

What should you do if you suspect a girl likes you?

If you suspect that a girl likes you then try to talk to her. Or another good thing to do is if you are friends try to hang out with her.

What is a cute random thing to do for someone you love in school?

U should do the things he likes, or try to talk to him. Try to figure out when he likes

If you like someone should you tell them?

yes you should tell someone if you like them the hardest thing is going thru life and wondering what if, what if, what if and then if it never works out then you will never be left wondering what would of happened if you would of told! hope this helps. JUST DO IT!!!!

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The best thing to do if a guy is sending you hot and cold signals is to be forward about it. Ask him if he likes you or not, and if he says no then you can say you were just wondering.

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How do you know if a girl likes you in school?

Different girls express their feelings for boys in different ways. The best thing you should do is ask her if she really likes you :)

If you like this boy and you are trying to see if he likes you what should you do?

Simply ask him who he likes. His answer may be you or some other girl, or perhaps he will be reluctant to answer at all. Either way, just ask him whether or not he likes you and you will have your answer. If you think this will ruin you for life, you could ask a friend to ask him instead. -No offense, but that's the worst thing to do in this case... it makes you look unconfident and immature. Besides, the first way is a quick and easy way to figure out whether or not he likes you, rather than wasting a bunch of time on him by wondering.

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