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You like someone but your friend really likes him to what do you do?


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Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

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ask that friends friend if its really true, only if you like them.

the you start to flurt with that guy so that your friend will see that he likes you and you like him!

If you really like him and he know you do then have a friend or someone that you know ask him if he likes you thenif he does ask him out....

Find a guy who likes you too. Don't mess with someone who likes your friend if you don't want to lose a friend.

Well, normally when someone says to you "Oh, my friend likes you a lot." We all seem to instantly think 'Your friend, yh right, sounds more like you like me'. Sometimes yes, it could be that but other times it could really mean that their FRIEND likes you!! So, just go with the whole FRIEND likes you and if the person who said it to you is the real one who likes you then they should soon get jealous and speak up!!

you shouldn't be scared it depends if you like her and if she likes him but really you have to talk to your friend

Let the person decide who he or she likes. If you find out that they like your friend, just find another person.

the guy who likes u as a friend is lying he really likes if not he will and the the one who secretly likes u like him to

if you realy like him do this go to your best an ask her does she like him back make sure she says no then you ask him doesif he likes your best friend say she does not like you back but i do if you do every thing right you should be going out with him

Ask him if he likes your friend and if he doesn't, then you ask him out or something like that, but if he does, hook them up and be happy that they are happy.

It's OK for your friend to like him to. But if you want him to like you you must get to know him better. You might find out you don't like him at all after you find out what his personality's like.

it really depends who he likes, plus if your a really good friend and he likes her you should understand, but if he likes you then if shes a real friend she should understand, trust me don't reuin your friendship over a boy especially if he doesn't like you, it's not worth.

no if anything she likes your friend wrong, why else would she ask him who you like, mayb shes just nosey, but you dont do that just for the fun of it, either she likes you, or someone she knows does. Bingo mate, someone likes you!

You are a chocoholic if you really like chocolate.

Well you really can't make someone like you but try to do stuff that she likes; make her laugh and just be her friend for a while then tell her how you really feel.

No. He likes you only as a friend. You can't MAKE somebody like you. Just be yourself, and love will find you.

if he likes your friend, and your friens likes him, then you should let them be happy. theres plenty of other guys in the world to go after. dont waste your time waiting around for someone and go on with your life, unless you really think hes worth it

She always looks at you and if she really likes you she might get her friend to see if you like her, or she will ask you out or get her friend to ask you out for her

she likes someone whos nice and funny.

Means you like something knowingly for example someone likes their girl/boy friendor it could be that someone is really fond of strawberries whipped in cream

Oh that's very tough. Well if your friend was really a good friend she would understand if you tell her. =]]

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