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Well, I think that you should ask her to go someplace and do something, just hang out for a while, and let things go from there. Do something fun. I always like to go ice-skating with guys; it's fun, and if you work it right, you can squeeze in some hand holding. Just take things slow, find out what she likes to do for fun, and go do it!

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Is a girl better than a boy?

No. There is no supreme gender. Both genders are just as equal as each other.

If another girl loves another boy what do you do?

If another girl loves another boy you can encourage them to speak. This well help them get to know each other better.

How does a girl kiss a girl?

yes... a girl will kiss a girl if they r like mommy and baby or if they like each other and wont to become interment with each other

What is dating like and what's the point?

dating is when a ... girl & a guy go out to get to know each other, (the idea is the they like each other before they go out) the point about dating is you get to know the person you like better.

What words should you say to a girl you like?

Hello my name is(your name)...I noticed(what you noticed about her)......We should get to know each other better.

When a girl and another girl sleep with each other and they start touching each other in places they shouldn't be touching what does that mean?

it means there lesbians and maybe r attracted to each other

Do girl betta fight each other?

NO female bettas do not fight each other

Can a boy and a girl kiss each other on the lips?

Sure, they can kiss each other on the lips. That means they love each other.

How a girl become a girlfriend?

A girl will become a girlfriend if.... A boy asks out that girl, or a girl asks out that guy because they like each other and the are intertested in each other and there answer is yes then they become boyfriend and girlfriend!

Do girl guinea pigs like each other?

i have two girl guinea pigs and they both like each other lot's, my friend has two girl piggies and they LOVE each other, one of them will jump off a foot stool to get to the other it's really cute!!:)

Why did the girl ask the boy to marry her?

So the can do anything the want for each other and to each other.

Who two friend like each other?

When he a girl they out with each and love.

You and a girl love each other but your parents disapprove of you dating each other what do you do?

Tell then how much you are in love and make them understand your relationship with this girl and why you love her.....

Why do people judge each other?

Every one wants to be better than another person. For example, a girl with an amazing hair do, is problably trying to out do the other girls for attention.

A Cancer boy would like a Pisces girl or Cancer girl?

he has the higher chances of liking a pices girl because they complement each other and are imedaiately atracted to each other

How can you tell when your dog is in love with another dog?

i have a girl dog and a boy dog they love each other i know because they never walk apart from each other they always kiss each other they care more about each other then they care about you they will always play with each other so keep an eye out there in love so if you don't want puppies better get them spade or nuderd

How can you tell if he likes you or the other girl he likes better?

Just ask him if he likes you or the other girl better. Just don't do anything you might regret if you get an answer you weren't expecting.

Can girl dogs like other girl dogs?

As friends, yes. Sometimes they do each other but its not very common..

What should you do when a girl and you like each other?

Kiss her

Can a girl love a another girl?

Of Course. The gender(s) of the people in the relationship does not matter. If you love each other and treat each other respect, it is all that matters.

Your girl says that you need a better situation before you can start seeing each other why is she saying this to you?

she wants to make sure you will stick by her, and she's playing hard to get.

If a guy and a girl like each other should the girl ask him out?

She could, yes.

Where should you ask a girl out when you live a bit far from each other and you like each other?

Somewhere in the middle of where you are.

What does it mean when both a boy and a girl hate each other in middle school?

They probably like each other

How do you know if a boy or girl parakeet like each other?

If they do, they will cuddle up next to each other with their wings touching as they perch. If they don't, they will fight with each other and keep their distance.Also if they like each other they will feed each other.

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