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Avoid situations with Luke, if Luke hangs around you and your boyfriend a lot just tell your boyfriend you want some alone time with him.

How come it looks like you ask, and answer your own questions, not trying to start anything.

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What is the name of Jiro Wang's past girlfriend?

hello i asking for jiro wang is what name of girlfriend hello i asking for jiro wang is what name of girlfriend

How do you get your girlfriend to do things for you?

By asking

Is asking a girl to be your girlfriend proposing to her?

No, proposing to her means that you are asking her to marry you.

How do you get a girlfriend when you're 11?

by asking her out.

What do you say when asking out a girl?

"Will you be my girlfriend"

What name of the days of a weekend?

I am not sure what your question actually is, but I think you are asking "what are the names of the days of the weekend?" and the answer to that would be Saturday and Sunday.

How do you take a shower witt a girl or girlfriend And how to sex with girlfriend?

Perhaps by asking her?

Does coffiee make us shorter or smaller?

shorter.thanks for asking

How do you trust your girlfriend?

you keep on asking her can i trust you

Do plies like his girlfriend?

this is your girl shanqunna and im asking you do still like your girlfriend?

Why is centimeters shorter than inch?

Because of the way in which they were defined. Also, to prevent people from asking why an inch is shorter than a centimetre!

Can it be justifiable homicide if a man kills his abusive wife-girlfriend?

And what is your reason for asking this question?

How do you read the face of a cheating girlfriend?

A cheating girlfriend is always hesitant. She might not be able to answer what you are asking.

How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend if she doesnt know you that well?

you don't. Get to know her before asking her to be your girlfriend!

How can you get a girlfriend without asking her?

You can get a girlfriend by your looks. Though she wont stay long just with looks.

How can i pleasure my girlfriend better?

try asking them what she wants you to do to/for her.

Does Jake Austin have a girlfriend?

No. But you should not be asking that question.

What is the name of Fred armisen's character on SNL's weekend update that has a hard time explaining things?

If you are asking about when he is on Weekend Update, he is Nicholas Fehn, a political comdian.

What do I do if my ex's girlfriend keeps asking my kids about my new boyfriend?

You should be confronting your ex and telling him you do not like his girlfriend asking your children about your new boyfriend and if it keeps up he will only be able to see his children at your home or without his ex girlfriend.

How do you get girls to stop asking you out?

This is really simple! All you have to do is get a girlfriend.

What can you do if your girlfriend is not calling you?

investigate more by asking her friends or call her.

How do you know if a boy wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Start by asking him.

How do you become asa butterfield girlfriend?

Your stupid for asking this question.

What is a movie about disco or a weekend text to a friend when your sick?

Saturday Night Fever for poptropica if that was what you were asking about.

If he keeps asking about you what does it mean?

If he keeps asking about you, he probably likes you but it depends what sort of questions hes asking you. If its about what your doin at the weekend or personal questions, hes probably trying to get to know you more and likes you.

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