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There are actually two classes you need to take. There is a credit counseling class that you must take within the 6 month period prior to filing for bankruptcy. You must also complete another financial management course within 45 afters after your Meeting of Creditors.

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Q: You live in Evansville Indiana and with the new bankruptcy law how long do you have to take consolidation classes before you can file bankruptcy?
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Bankruptcy and Debt?

If you have a mountain of debt that will force you to file for bankruptcy, there are two types of protection that you can file for with the bankruptcy courts. The first kind of bankruptcy protection is called chapter 7 bankruptcy. Under chapter 7 bankruptcy, your assets will be liquidated and the proceeds from the sales will go towards paying off your debts. Most remaining debts will then be discharged by the courts. The second kind of bankruptcy that you can file for is called chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more closely related to debt consolidation in that your debts are reorganized and a payment plan is set up between you and your creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is sometimes called a working man's bankruptcy because one of the requirements of filing for the protection is having a job with a steady income. In a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, you and your lawyer will devise a payment repayment plan that explains to the courts how you will handle your creditors. Most payment plans allow you to make payments for a period between 30 and 60 months after the initial filing. According to current bankruptcy laws, the debtor must prove to the courts that he will be able to carry out the plan for the duration of the time period. Current chapter 13 bankruptcy laws give judges the ability to factor in your living expenses while repaying your debt. However, federal standards are in place that makes it difficult for judges to customize expenditures on a case to case basis. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be a punishment for those that have file for chapter 7 bankruptcy fraudulently. Many people prefer to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy because they will not have to repay most of their debts. However, not everyone qualifies for this kind of protection. In order to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, a person must make no more than $167 over the median income of the state. If the courts find out that a person does violate this requirement, the chapter 7 protection can be revoked and changed to chapter 13. Most people that file for chapter 13 bankruptcy will also be required to attend classes that will teach them about money management and personal finance. If you fail to attend the classes or do not pass, your bankruptcy may be revoked, which will erase any protection that you were granted from your creditors. The laws surrounding chapter 13 bankruptcy are quite complex. Should you ever have to file for bankruptcy, hire a bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the process. Even though your finances may be tight, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can save you time and make sure that your interests are protected in the wake of your looming bankruptcy.

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You claim bankruptcy on involves all your assets and all your debts. All are given classes or priorities. Some assets and some debts may be classed as exempt. Generally, court fines and legal penalties and such are going to need to be paid in full and cannot be discharged in BK.

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All debt and all assets are included. They are given different classes and priorities. The asset, in this case the house, will be used to satisfy this debt before it is used to satisfy others. The debt is a secured debt.

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Can a divorce in Indiana be stopped if parenting classes have not been ordered by a judge?

In the state of Indiana, it is law for you to go to a parenting class before a judge will sign your divorce decree if you have children. In fact you can't even get a hearing if you have not completed the class. You are supposed to complete the class within 30 days of filing for divorce. It does not need to be ordered by a judge since it is already a law.

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