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Well you should talk it over with your friend, girls come and go and unless your absolutely positive that she will be the one that you will get married and die with, then you shouldn't break up your friendship.

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Q: You really like this girl who you dont spend alot of time together bt whenever you do you always have a blast but your best friend also liked her first and you want to be loyal to him but she is a gre?
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Yes its really true because in ipl they are very close and they will be always together at any where.

You have a friend who is a guy and whenever your in the car together with his dad the dad makes really awkward comments that are really creepy and make you feel super uncomfortable?

act like your friend got you pregnant. your dad will freak. then tell him that its not tue that would never happen, that's what he gets!

This guy told me he thought I were really pretty but he is always talking to my friend does he like me or her?

Obviously he has become more attracted to her when both of you are together. Too bad.

How can you get your friends to date I have a friend who really likes this boy and i know he likes her back but he's always stubborn and denies it so how can get him to admit and get them together?

make them kiss :)

How do you stop your friend from being bossy if she hates you?

Well, if she hates you, then she isn't really your friend. Tell her in a nice way that if she continues to be bossy, you won't hang out with her anymore. Don't be afraid of her when you say it, or whenever because she does not have more power than you do. Remember always that you two are equivalents.

Why do raisins always stick together?

no, not really

How do you keep a conversation going with your friend?

if it really is your friend you should not feel the need to. thats what friends are for, just chillin and talking whenever you feel like talking.

What do you mean by friend?

A friend is someone you really enjoy talking to and love to have the company of. They are also the person who you turn to when you have a problem and they are always there to help you out. A friend is someone you need, someone who is always there for you. They are the person who will always be there when your partner isn't.

What is name of the phobia when you have fear of fingertips belonging to another hand touching palm of a hand?

I don't know but my friend has thatand it is really sad caz she always freaks out I don't know but my friend has thatand it is really sad caz she always freaks out I don't know but my friend has thatand it is really sad caz she always freaks out

How do you find out if a close friend likes you?

You can normally tell if a friend likes you more as a friend by the way they act. If they always want to be around u, hug u a lot smile. Also, if they get really happy whenever you walk into a room or something it seems that you really make them happy. Also, just text them or something don't make it weird and don't be shy. Just go for it!! :) hope i helped! good luck

When he says as long as I am alive I will be your friend what is he really saying?

That he will always be there for you. And he sort of likes you.

What if your boyfriend always want to say gone with his friend is that cheating?

Dependes what if he really is???