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Do you think she likes you? well if you think she likes you try to ask her out but if you don't think she likes you very much, just wait awhile. PS: I think she likes you it always ends up that way

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Talk to her, and tell her how you feel.
Then whether she says yes or no at least you have an answer.

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Q: You really really like this girl but you have been good friends for about a year and you have had a crush on her for ages but now the feeling is much deeper what can you do im lost?
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How do you get your crush to reply to your texts?

be cool, don't say oh I love you or oh I like you just first become friends, be really good friends and then you will know how to talk to him without feeling uncomfortable

What should you do if its really weird talking to your crush And your not really friends but you really want to be friends with him?

Eat your sock!

What happens when you don't have a crush on anybody but your friends get the feeling that you do have a crush on someone?

Don't lie.You don't want them telling some creepo that you, a pretty girl, has a crush on a turd.

You told your guy friends who are friends with your crush to ask your crush when his birthday is and since your friends with your crush he told you that they asked him does your crush like you?

Why don't you just talk to him yourself, instead of getting your friends to talk to him. That is the only way you will ever really know if he likes you or not.

Are Ciara and Trey Songz going out?

No, but they are really good friends. And I do believe that she has a big crush on him

What does it mean when one of your crush's friends ask if you are his girl?

Tell him the truth. If you really trust him, tell him you like your crush. He may even help you.

You have crush on a girl but her friends hate you and you can't go near her to tell her that you got a crush on her what should you do?

Is there are really good reason why your friends hate her, or is it maybe because they do not want you to ditch them for her? First, explain to your friends why you like her and that they should respect that. Tell them that it will not change your friendship with them. Then simply tell her that you have a crush..

Who does Justin biebeer have a crush on?

"Justin Biebeer" (Justin Bieber) has a crush on...... 1. Beyonce. First crush. 2. Rihanna. Second crush. 3. Taylor Swift. Third crush. By the way Taylor and Justin are really good friends.

What do you do if your friends won't stop bugging you about your crush?

Tell them it's really getting to you and they need to stop. If they're real friends they'll stop.

How can you tell who your crush likes?

simple... either he or she acts like :P i hate you to them..... or they are both really good friends..... just watch when you crush talks to people....

I have a crush on my friends ex?

You're the only one who can decide whether to act on it or not. That being said, you also have to consider whether or not the feeling is mutual on her part.

How do you tell your crush you like them if you are shy?

There are a couple ways you could do it, personally, i find it easier to have your crush as a really good friend, +, if your crush hasnt told you there crush, and you are pretty good friends, then that could mean that you are there crush, the more confident you are that they like you, it makes it easier to tell them.