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Smith and Wesson .32 caliber, worth about 200 dollars near mint

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Why do most horse have a white patch or strip on there head?

White markings are determined by genetics, however how white markings are inherited other than pinto and spotting patterns is still unknown.

You inherited a browning 12 ga shotgun but have no manual how do i find the model number and where it was made?

Provide a detailed description of ALL markings

What markings are on the neck of an American girl doll?

*(c) American Girl LLC or Pleasant Company *(c) * (c) stands for copyrighted

What is the age and value of a 5-shot 32 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver serial 188710?

Depends on type of action. Need all of the markings, including the markings on top of the barrel.

What markings do American Saddlebred horses have?

Black socks on all four legsstarsnipblazeThe socks are never whiteThose are the most common markings for a Saddlebred horse

What year is my Browning Shotgun I just inherited from my Grandfather 5M 14398 and how do you tell the barrel length and choke thanks?

1965 if it is an auto-5. There should be markings on barrel to indicate choke.

Does American Eskimo Dog have a mask?

No, the American Eskimo Dog only comes in a white or white & biscuit colour. This breed should not have mask markings.

Does an American alligator have any markings to protect itself?

No. It's just got markings that is good enough to camouflage it in the water and the reeds. It doesn't need camouflage to protect itself, since it is a top predator.

You inherited several firearms and some have no markings and some have only symbols you need help identify them?

You need to arange to visit a gun shop with the firearms. We are limited in what we can do here without seeing the guns.

Why are the markings on a thermometer equidistant?

Since all the markings on a thermometer are not numbered, it is easier to read if the markings are the same (the markings are usually by ones).

What are the markings on your female hamsters belly?


What is horizontal markings?

Horizontal markings are markings (such as painted or etched lines) that are horizontal (or parallel to the ground).

What year is the model 3085S Serial 15056744 limited edition?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, including who made it.

Does Korea stamped on silver mean it is silver or silver plate?

Most likely the item in question is silver plated or just silver colored. Items that do not display sterling markings are non-silver 99 times out of 100. Visit the link below to learn more about various silver markings (including silver plated markings).

What is the kind of markings does the ball python have?

pythons have markings but the python is to hairy for any 1 to c the markings

What are the various choke markings for merkel shotguns?

Choke markings , lets see , Chokemarkings , and Prints of Markings :D

What is the age of a 10 gauge double barrel Serial 41074?

Can't be answered without a detailed description of all markings, including the maker.

How do you say 'markings' in Bulgarian?

oznacheniya (означения)

What is the color of runway markings?

Runway markings are white in color.

Why does Pocahontas have skin markings?

She had skin markings cause she was dumb

When was the Iver Johnson American bulldog made?

there were two models. The first was made from 1882-1884 and the second from 1884-1899. The first has markings on the top strap. The second has markings on the top of the barrel. This is about all I've found out so far.

How can you tell if an antique tea kettle is sterling silver or not when it has no markings?

A sterling silver anything will have markings unless the it has been damaged so the markings are not there anymore. So no markings = Plated at best

Dutch rabbit markings?

Dutch have a lot of markings that make them an easily distinguished breed. check this website out for all the markings of a dutch.

What does a 15 mg Oxycontin look like including the markings?

OxyContin 15 mg - round, grey, with OC on one side and 15 on the other

How can a person fine out how old a gun is?

Post a question here with a complete description including all markings and serial number- we MAY be able to help.