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You have already saved the contact details in your sim card. So the only thing that need to be done is check once again whether all the contacts you have are there only in the sim card, remove the sim from the Nokia phone and insert it into the Samsung phone. You can call any of your contacts.

First your phone must be compatible and accept a sim card and you can simply transfer the card from one phone to another,it's about the size of but, thinner than the memory disk for a digital camera it is located under your battery pack . I only know this much because I didn't save to my sim card (First cell phone) not knowing and traded phone and lost a ton of tunes and numbers. blumtnangel If both phones have blue tooth or infrared, you can "copy" your contacts from the SIM card (should be an option in the menu) on your original phone and then send them to the new phone via the infra red or blue tooth options. You may even be able to do this without copying the contacts from SIM to handset

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Q: You saved your contact list onto your SIM card on a Nokia how do you put it into your Samsung phone?
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How can you transfer a contact list saved to a nokia e72 phone to the phones sim?

You can transfer a contact list saved to a nokia e72 phone to the phone's sim card by downloading the contact list to an external SIM card first and then entering it into the nokia.

How can you transfer a contact list saved to a Nokia phone to another Nokia phones?

buy using bluetooth

How can you transfer a contact list saved to a nokia phone to the phones sim card?

All I had to do on my Nokia phone was go to my contact list, go to options, then select copy, from phone t SIM, then either one by one or all. They might not all copy at once so you might have to do it multiple times!

Is contacts saved on sim or on the network?

Phone contacts are saved either on SIM or in phone memory based on the settings provided in your phone - contact settings.

What does it mean to lock a contact on your cell phone?

Well, its looking at the person you saved into your phone. Like the person, and number. It's called a contact I'D

If you had an old nokia but got a new phone and new sim card is the information like phone numbers and old text messages saved if the old phone was turned back on?

yes the memory stays on the phone

How many contacs can be saved in Samsung Galaxy y s6102's phonebook?

as many as the phone memory accept

How many pictrues does the samsung glyde hold?

it depends on how much other stuff you have saved on your phone. <3

Is it possible to recover deleted messages from a nokia 2700 classic mobile phone?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover deleted messages from a Nokia 2700 classic mobile phone. There is not any phone that will recover deleted messages unless the messages were saved to a memory card.

How do you restore a cell phone contact that you deleted?

sorry but unless you have saved all of your contacts you are destroyed,

If a phone has two numbers saved under one contact dose a text get sent to both numbers?


Are text messages that were saved in your phone re-saved if you turn on the phone with a new plan?

I would imagine since texts and pic messages are saved into the phone not the phone provider. I would imagine since texts and pic messages are saved into the phone not the phone provider.

Are texts saved to phone or SIM card?

text messages are saved to phone

How do you listen to saved voicemails on your samsung propel?

press listen

Can you put your SIM card into a new phone to stay with your service provider and keep all contact details and your current phone number?

Provided that all of your contact details are saved on your SIM card and provided that the new phone hasn't got a SIM lock, yes. That's fully possible then.

Why cant you listen to sounds you saved to your phone?

It depends which phone.

How do i transfer old SIM card contacts to new SIM card?

You have to go to ur cell phone store and ask them to do it for you. If you fried your SIM card, like I did a few days ago, then you have to go to your cell phone store and get a new SIM card. Don't worry, not everything on your cell phone is saved on your SIM card. Your contact list is saved on your cell phone. So you don't have to ask everyone in your contact list for their numbers again. That would take a while if you don't every number memorized.

How do you transfer contacts to SIM card?

this is for samsung blackjack, and blackberry phones-samsung blackjack-The way i did it, which was very tedious as i could only find how to save one contact at a time;1. Go to contacts 2. find the contact you want to transfer 3. click on the "o.k" button 4. once the screen has come up with the contact's general info, 5. scroll to the number associated with heading 'Call Mobile' or 'Call Number' 6. once highlighted, click menu 7. select Save to SIM.from here you have an option to change the contacts Name differently to that saved upon the phone. do what you will, then click done.the Contact is now saving to your SIM, and a duplicate will soon appear in the contacts menu.if you are going to delete the pre-existing contact saved to your phone, make sure you delete the contact with the little 'm' at the side of the screen, as that corresponds to the saved contact on the phone, not SIM.hopefully you have the patience to save each contact, and that you found this walk through helpful.blackberry-just like the samsung blackjack, it is quite tedious. but here it goes-1.go to contacts in your trackball over contact you're saving on SIM card3.when is shows "mobile:(***-***-****)" click the blackberry logo button, and a list will show. At the top of the new list there is an option saying "Copy to SIM Phone Book," click trackball over that option4.the name and phone number of selected contact will show up again, you're not done just yet BE SURE you click the trackball and a list will pop up with the option "Save" click trackball over that save option and the contact will be added to your SIM Phone Book.hope this helps!

How can you get your saved messages from your voice mail?

How do you listen to saved messages on your voicr mail on home phone?

Does keeping cell phone off save money?

Yes, it does for when your phone is off, it saves electricity which was transferred to it by charging and when electricity is saved, money is saved too.

Can pictures that get sent through cell phone messaging be seen by the cell phone company or any other source?

Yes actually they are saved on a server so anyone with knowledge could actually come in contact with any pictures you send.

Where do your pictures get to if you delete them from our phone?

If your pictures are on your phone and you have not saved them to somewhere else, then when you delete them form the phone they are lost forever.

I forgot my security code on my Samsung t319 how do i unlock it?

If you have forgotten your samsung security code there is a way to reset it to 0000. Unfortunately this method means that you will lose EVERYTHING that is not saved to your sim card as it will format your phone completely. If you go into keypad and enter the following: *2767*3855# A message should appear telling you to wait a moment while your phone is formatted. When your phone restarts, your new security code will be 0000.

Can you save your messages to sim on nokia 6288?

Yes, you can. Go to your inbox and move the smses you want to your Saved Messages (in SIM).

How do you listen to a saved call?

The procedure to listen to a saved call will vary depending on the cell phone carrier. Usually, there will be an option for messages to listen to "saved messages".