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Copy You should also use a condom.

2006-07-17 11:46:30
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What happens if you and your boyfriend are not having protective sex?

If you are not having sex at all - nothing. If you are having sex but that sex is not protected (by use of a condom or you taking the contraceptive pill), you are likely to become pregnant.

Will my contraceptive still work if I took a laxitive 2 hours before taking my pill and I haven and rsquot gone yet?

Your taking the laxative before taking your contraceptive should not affect your contraceptive's properly functioning.

Could you get pregnant if you were on the pill for a month but stopped taking it then 21 days later you had protected sex?

It depends on what you were using as protection on day 21.

Does taking the contraceptive pill lead to thrush development?

The contraceptive pill can flare up candida of which thrush is a common symptom

Does taking a contraceptive pill while you have a contraceptive device increase your risk of pregnancy?

No. But you should not be doubling up on birth control.

I started taking the pill on the first day of your period and your period stopped the next day is this normal and am you protected from pregnancy?

It is common. Yes as long as you continue to take your pills according to the directions you should be protected.

Why didn't i bleed after taking the pill?

can you start to bleed after just taking one contraceptive pill?

Taking the contraceptive injection and dont know when your next dose is how long does it take for the contraceptive to last?

They usually last six months.

I've just started taking mercilon contraceptive I've taken 8 pills so far am I protected from pregnancy?

Please talk to your health care professional or find the official instructions for your contraceptive. My understanding is that one must take birth control pills for a month to be assured of contraceptive effects. Meanwhile use a backup method like condoms or foam according to the instructions.

Can you become pregnant by only taking one emergency contraceptive?


How long will it take to have menstruation after only taking oral contraceptive pills for a week?

If you stopped taking them after a week you should start your period in three to five days. If you are 7 days into a new packet you probably won't start your "period" until the week you take the inactive pills.

Can you take contraceptive pills when breastfeeding?

Yes and no. It depends on which pill you are taking.There are three types of contraceptive pills:OestrogenProgestogenOestrogen and Progestogen combinedThe contraceptives that contain Oestrogen will interfere with the lactation process, making it difficult or impossible to produce milk, while making breastfeeding somewhat sore and painful for the mother.Progestogen contraceptives are fine to breastfeed on as they will not interfere with lactation.If you are unsure which pills you are taking, ask your doctor.

You stopped taking birth control for two months and you think after you stopped taking it you gained weight and you were wondering if he reason why im gaining weight is because you stopped taking birt?

Or you are pregnant.

Can you become pregnant after taking emergency contraceptive?

There are such chances but in a very little percent.

Can anyone conceive even after taking regular contraceptive pills?

It is Statisically possible

How long after taking the contraceptive implant out can i get pregnant?

You can get pregnant immediately after removal of the contraceptive implant. Use a different method of birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

You are a male taking noriday contraceptive pill will you grow breasts?

Yes, they will grow some.

How do you know if the contraceptive pill you are taking is working?

You wait 12 days and then take a HPT.

Has anyone had memory problems while taking the prescription medication fenofibrate?

I did have problems with memory which stopped when I stopped taking Antara.

Can you stop taking contraceptive pills after 3 months?

You can stop taking them whenever, but you risk the chance of getting pregnant while off of them

If your girlfriend was on the pill for 2 1/2 years and stopped taking it a month ago and she's now 2 days late could it be because you had sex with a condom or just because she stopped taking the pill?

If you've had PROTECTED sex she wont be pregnant. Her period will be all over the place a few months after stopping the pill.

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You have been on the pill for a month had un protected sex and stopped taking the pill Can you still get pregnant?

Oh yes you can. The fact you were only on it a month means it was just getting effective and you HAVE to keep taking it to have it WORK. These are not magic and require a daily pill everyday.

What is d cause of spotting after taking emrgency contraceptive pills?

That is one of the side effects of the MAP.

Is it normal for your period to start four days after taking a 21 days contraceptive pills?