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You want to be dog slave?

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Can women be slave for her dog?

yes she must be.

How does huck trick the slave hunters?

go in the water so slave hunters dog cant smell you

Who is Caecilius' daughter?

Caecilius doesn't have a daughter, he has a son, a wife, a dog, a cook, a slave and a female slave.

Anyone want a dog?

Yes, I want a dog!

Did Texas want to join the US as a free or slave state?

no it was slave free

What is slave breaker?

A slave-breaker is where a slave gets whipped and beaten a lot. They "learn" how to be a good slave and how to obey their masters. someone who forces a slave to do the work they dont want to do.

Do slaves belong in the world?

Now what do you think? Would you want a slave? Yea you might want one but imagine what its like to be that slave.

When was I Want a Dog created?

I Want a Dog was created in 1987.

You want a mean dog?

No, you really don't. You may want a dog that protects you and your family, but you don't want a mean dog.

Why did the akwamu nation enter the slave trade?

because they want to be rich and they had no ideal slave.

Why didnt the northern states want missour admitted to the union as a slave state?

The northern states did want Missouri admitted to the union as a slave state so as to balance the free slave trade.

What is an example of symbolism in call of the wild?

A dog being treated as a slave

What kind of dog do you want?

The type of dog that I want is a golden retriever.

How many pages does I Want a Dog have?

I Want a Dog has 24 pages.

Did Missouri want to be a free state or a slave state before being admitted in the Union?


Why does Jim runaway?

He doesn't want to be a slave

Why did slave owners want slaves?

Slave owners wanted slaves because they were able to make money or profits by the work performed by the slave.

Could a slave ever be a slave owner?

yes possibly but only in certin states if he was afree slave but most likely he wouldn't want to be

Use Slave in a sentence?

She didn't want her brother to become a slave.The slave worked all day in the stables.His brothers sold him into slavery.

What does dog you out mean?

When the owner say "Dog you out" they want the dog to go outside, or out of the room that they are not supose to be in or the owner is in there and does not want the dog in that room. That is why the owner or someone will say "Dog you out"

Why did the slave owners want the slaves to marry?

So the whites could take their babies and use it as a slave to.

What is the duration of I Want a Dog film?

The duration of I Want a Dog - film - is 600.0 seconds.

Why didn't the dog want to play ball?

It was a boxer!

What is the positive thing about slavery?

it was positive to spot slavery becaus if it didnt stop then we would be a slave and know one that I know wants to be a slave. if You want to be one then you can ask some one elese but I know that I dont want to be a slave

Where do you get the right dog?

OK you get the right dog by first you talk about your families allergies if you have dander allergies get the= labradoodle if you don't have people under 13 and you don't really want to care for it get the= bald Chihuahua if you want a loyal dog= Labrador retriever if you want a helpful dog=dalmation if you want a police type dog=german Shepard if you want a fun dog= golden retriever