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Why did the Europeans want Africans to be slaves?

Black Africans had been engaging in the slave trade, both between various black African peoples and with the Arabs, for centuries, though in a somewhat less permanent form. Thus they were set up and ready to sell slaves to anyone who had the money to buy them. The Europeans needed laborers who were ( Full Answer )

Why did people want slaves?

It is because they needed the extra hands. Plus the people were loyal to the British. Another thing is that the people that owned the slaves were lazy!

Did Abraham Lincoln want to free the slaves?

Historic accounts of Abraham Lincoln, show him to have been opposed to slavery and in favor of ending it for his entire life. As he grew to manhood, he was occasionally able to witness slavery, and grew more opposed to it. There is a link to an article on Abraham Lincoln below.

Why did slave owners want slaves?

Slave owners wanted slaves because they were able to make money orprofits by the work performed by the slave.

Why did hitler want jewish people to be slaves?

Hitler was against the Jewish people because he believed that theybetrayed Germany in the First World War. He also believed they wereinferior to the Aryan people.

Why do people want slaves?

Because it is cheap, easy labour, although you have to have no morality, it is a way to save thousands of pounds in health care, wages, and it will get the job done... at the cost of any chance of a place in heaven though...

You want a dog?


Why did Lincoln want to free the slaves?

Lincoln did not like the institution of slavery but he was not an abolitionist and he respected the constitutional right to own slaves. However when some states seceded from the union he decided they had lost their right to have slaves so he issued his famous emancipation proclamation that freed sla ( Full Answer )

Why did Lincoln want to free slaves?

As a boy, Abraham Lincoln attended a church opposing slavery with his family. Later, he witnessed slavery as he traveled to and through parts of the South. The historic record would indicate he always opposed slavery and wanted to end it because he regarded it as immoral. He also opposed the aboliti ( Full Answer )

What are some reasons the south wanted slaves?

Money . Before the cotton gin, there was not much profit to be had out of cotton. There was too much time involved in making it a marketable product. After the gin, cottons potential was realized, the plantations were booming. Even with the gin, the harvesting of cotton was still very labor inten ( Full Answer )

Did the south want slaves?

Slaves could do all the work that they did not wanna do for them. They were also very cheap so more people decided to buy them.

Why did the north want every slave to be counted?

If you're talking about for the purposes of determining representation in the House of Representatives, the northern states specfically did not want that, as it would have allowed the southern states to dominate.

Did the north want slaves?

People usually think that the north didn't want slaves, but this isn't true. There were generally more slaves in the south, but niether side really wanted slaves. 96% of the Confederate Army did not own slaves.(1860 US Census.) Though heavily debated, the number is still low. "If the war was abo ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the north want slaves?

Because of industrialisation. The factory managers could not use massed ranks of unskilled labourers. They wanted trained and qualified tradesmen, craftsmen and technicians. This required free mobile labour.

What people where wanting slaves?

Slavery has been practiced by most peoples and cultures across the world in times past. Whole economies were based on it including the Roman Empire, The American South, and Many African and Arab cultures. Slavery provided the slavers with a free workforce (apart from food and housing) but caused o ( Full Answer )

Did slave owners have dogs?

No, they did not. However, they did enforce strict rules on the slaves and if one broke them, the punishments would be unimaginable.

What type of dogs did slave owners had?

It depends where they were. During that time I'm sure there was hunting going on, so probably Beagles, Foxhounds, Bassets, and other hounds.

Why did slaves want to revolt?

This is a question best answered by your self, Put yourself in a position where you are owned and where you have to do anything you are told to do no mater how unhealthy how dirty or degrading or depraved, Anything. that is the reality of being a slave. Sounds pretty revolting doesn't it?

Why did the northern states not want to count slaves?

The northern states didn't have slavery as the southern states did, and they were smaller. They were afraid that if slaves were counted as part of the population that would give the southern states an advantage when they were represented in Congress. In 1790 35% of the population in VA was slave, so ( Full Answer )

How and why they wanted the slaves?

People wanted slaves because they worked at a relatively low rate. this allowed the slave owner to sit back and relax while the slave did the real work. Not only did slavers have ready supply of workers they also had a splay of people of all ages children toddlers and baby's that they could used to ( Full Answer )

Why did Europeans want slave labor?

It was to a cheap source of manpower that the Europeans couldn't satify in the European Colonies in America.

Why did Europeans want slave?

because they were to lasy to do it them self ;also, because they wanted them to work there sugar plantation and it was cheaper with slave labor

Why did slaves want to kill white men?

The white men emotionally, physically, psychologically and verbally abused the slaves. Some were even so cruel to deliberately separate families, rape domestic slave women and then neglect the children, severely punish them for minor offences such as answering back to a master could mean death by dr ( Full Answer )

Why south wanted to free slaves?

At the very end, they decided to put slaves in Confederate uniform and get them to fight for the South, but it was too late to make any difference.

Why did the south want Missouri to be a slave state?

It was already a slave-state, and Lincoln allowed it to remain so. This kept it from breaking away and joining the Confederacy - a big achievement by Lincoln. However, the state remained deeply divided, and the situation in the early months of the war was so confused that the local Union comma ( Full Answer )

Why did the slaves want freedom?

Answer: Because they had been held to do work for so long and some of their owners starved them to death. They want freedom because they were tired of the life their owners want them to do! Answer: They wanted freedom for the same reasons anyone wants freedom now; it is because it is ones God gi ( Full Answer )

Why did people want to buy slaves?

Because of the vast amount that needed to be done around the plantations, households, roman style villas, and because owning slaves was a sign of wealth

Why did slave masters want female slaves?

Well, I don't think men cooked and cleaned and fed babies and changed stinky diapers as well, so that's probably why. In my mind, there is another reason why a man would want a women who is not allowed to say no. (no matter how wrong the motive is)

Why the north didnt want slaves?

They don't need them. They don't have big plantations like they do in the south. And they think it is wrong and they are against it.

Why do you think that northern wanted slaves to be taxed?

Clarification is needed for your question to be correctly answered: Northern who? Northern businesspeople, northern politicians, northern farmers? Do you mean that someone called for the sale of slaves to be taxed, or something else? I believe that as long as slavery was recognized - as it was in th ( Full Answer )

Do girl want that men should be their slave?

Some do, some don't. It's only a matter of interests and personalities. I recommend you speak with your partner if you're not sure what she wants.

Who wanted the slaves free the union or the confederates?

The Abolitionists in the Union - an increasingly powerful group, but never a majority. The average Union soldier was not especially interested in slavery. It was the extension of slavery into the new Western states that caused the War, not Abolitionism.

Why did American's want slaves?

Usually farmers wanted slaves because they had alot of land and needed much help to plant and harvest the crops

What why did people in the south want slaves?

The southern climate was very uncomfortable for Europeans used to cooler temperatures, lower humidity and less sunlight. This discouraged agriculture and economic development in general. The introduction of African slaves in 1621 changed this as Africans were quite acclimated to the climate. T ( Full Answer )

Why did the south want slaves included in there population?

The South worried since the number of representative in the House of Representative is chosen by the size of the population per state and since slaves made a large proportion of the population in the South compared to the Whites... That without the slaves being included in the population of the S ( Full Answer )

Why did the north wanted to count slaves as property?

They didn't particularly. It was the Supreme Court, influenced by the elderly Chief Justice, Roger Taney, that interpreted the Constitution in this way. Taney reckoned that when the Founding Fathers had declared that a man's property was sacred, they would have included slaves in their definition o ( Full Answer )

What did abolitionist wanted for the slaves?

The abolitionist movement reached its peak between 1830 and 1860. During this period, abolitionists, those who "insisted slavery undermined the freedom, righteousness, order, and prosperity of all society" (McInerney, 8) sought to identify, denounce and abolish this cruel institution using their rig ( Full Answer )

Why did most slaves wanted to be house servants?

They wanted to be house servants because they got to have any of the food that was leftover and it was way better than the food they got when they were working in the fields.

What Abe wanted for slaves?

He wanted to let them be free. I think that when he was elected, hefreed them.

Why did the vikings want slaves?

Almost always the reason for any action is money. They could sell those they had caught in raids. Of course, they took loot but slaves brought them more money. The same reason occurred for slavery in the South before the Civil War.