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you could use natural pestisicides

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Q: You want to know about natural methods which are made forby farmers for preventing pests?
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Forby Sutherland died in 1770.

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Sailor Forby Sutherland in Endeavour Botany Bay 1770.

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What is Beware of the dog that brings the bone?

'The dog that fetches will carry.'-i.e. A talebearer will tell tales of you, as well as to you.[1830 R. Forby Vocabulary of East Anglia 429]So Nellie twisted what you said and told it to Miss Wilder. ‥'A dog that will fetch a bone, will carry a bone.'[1941 L. I. Wilder Little Town on Prairie xv.]All this gossip reminded Shirley‥of the saw The dog who brings a bone also will carry one away.Read more: a-dog-that-will-fetch-a-bone-will-carry-a-bone

Who was the first white man to be buried in Australia?

The first known white man to be buried in Australia was Forby Sutherland. Sutherland, who died of tuberculosis, was one of James Cook's crew when Cook charted the eastern coast in 1770. He was buried on a southern beach in Botany Bay on 1 May 1770. However, no doubt there were many more white people buried before this. There had been Dutch shipwrecks off Australia's western coast since the early 1600s, and there is evidence to show that survivors of these shipwrecks lived along the west coast, establishing unofficial settlements. When they died, they would have been buried on Australian soil.

Who was the first person to die in Australia?

No doubt the first person to die in Australia was an unrecorded Aborigine many thousands of years ago.However, the first European to die in Australia and be buried on Australian soil was Forby Sutherland. Sutherland was a Scottish seaman who sailed with James Cook when he explored and charted Australia's eastern coast.When Cook anchored in Botany Bay in April 1770, where he went ashore, he and his scientists, as well as numerous crew members spent some time exploring and mapping the region. During this time, Sutherland, who had been ill with tuberculosis, died. He was buried on a southern beach in Botany Bay on 1 May 1770, and Cook named a nearby headland Point Sutherland in memory of his dead crewman.

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According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 227 words with the pattern ---B-. That is, five letter words with 4th letter B. In alphabetical order, they are: adobe adobo alibi ameba araba aroba bambi barbe barbs barby bibbs bilbo bilby bimbo blabs blebs blobs blubs boabs bobby bombe bombo bombs boobs booby bribe bubba bubby bulbs bumbo burbs busby cabby carbo carbs carby ceiba chibs chubs clubs cobbs cobby colby combe combi combo combs comby corbe corby crabs cribs cubby curbs dabba darbs daube daubs dauby debby derby dhobi dibbs diebs doabs dobby doobs dorba dorbs doubt drabs dribs drubs dsobo dubbo dumbo dumbs feebs flabs flubs flyby forbs forby frabs fribs fubby gabby gamba gambe gambo gambs garbe garbo garbs gerbe gleba glebe gleby glibs globe globi globs globy gobbi gobbo gobby gombo gooby grabs grebe grubs gumbo hamba herbs herby himbo hobby howbe hubby iambi iambs jambe jambo jambs jambu jembe jibbs jumbo jumby kembo kembs kerbs kibbe kibbi kimbo kirby knobs knubs kombu konbu krabs krubi lambs lamby lesbo limba limbi limbo limbs limby lobby looby mamba mambo mauby maybe mobby nimbi nimbs nobby nubby numbs oribi outby plebe plebs pombe probe probs rabbi rebbe ribby rubby rugby rumba rumbo samba sambo sauba scabs scuba sibbs simba slabs slobs slubb slubs snabs snebs snibs snobs snubs sorbo sorbs stabs stobs stubs subby swabs swobs sybbe tabby taube thebe timbo tombs trabs tribe tsuba tubby turbo urubu verbs warbs warby webby wembs wombs womby yabba yabby yerba yobbo zambo zimbi zimbs zombi

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Yes. Zachary Hicks 2nd Lieutenant John Gore 3rd Lieutenant Robert Molyneaux Master of the ship Richard Pickersgill Master's Mate Charles Clerke Master's Mate Francis Wilkinson A.B. (Able Bodied seaman) / Master's Mate John Bootie Midshipman Jonathan Munkhouse Midshipman Patrick Saunders Midshipman Isaac Smith A.B. William Harvey 1st Lieutenant's servant / A.B. James Maria Magra A.B. Isaac Manley Master's servant William Monkhouse Surgeon William Perry Surgeon's Mate Richard Orton Clerk Stephen Forwood Gunner John Gathray Boatswain John Satterly Carpenter John Thompson Cook Alex Weir A.B. / Quartermaster Samuel Evans Quartermaster / Boatswain Thomas Hardman Carpenter's Mate John Reading Boatswain's Mate / Yeoman, Sheets Benjamin Jordon A.B. / Carpenter's Mate John Ravenhill Sailmaker George Nowell A.B. / Carpenter's Crew Isaac Parker A.B. / Boatswain's Mate Robert Anderson Quartermaster James Gray A.B. Robert Taylor Armourer Richard Hutchins A.B. / Boatswain's Mate Josiah Childs A.B. Captain's Cook Peter Flower A.B. Timothy Reardon A.B. / Boatswain's Mate Isaac Johnson A.B. / Cooper John Ramsay A.B. William Dawson A.B. Francis Haite A.B. / Carpenter's Crew Samuel Jones A.B. Forby Sutherland A.B. / Poulterer James Nicolson A.B. Thomas Simmonds A.B. Richard Hughes A.B. / Carpenter's Mate Sam Moody A.B. / Carpenter's Crew Isaac Johnson A.B. / Cooper Robert Stainsby A.B. William Collett A.B. / Barber Archibald Wolfe A.B. / Tailor Matthew Cox A.B. Charles Williams A.B. Alexander Simpson A.B. Thomas Knight A.B. / Lieutenant's Cook Henry Stephens A.B. Thomas (2nd) Jones A.B. Anthonio Ponto A.B. John Dozey A.B. James Tunley A.B. Michael Littleboy A.B. John Goodjohn A.B. / Cooper's Mate John Woodworth A.B. William Peckover A.B. Richard Littleboy A.B. Manoel Pereira A.B. Henry Jeffs A.B. / Butcher William Howson Capt. Cook's servant Nathaniel Morey 2nd Lieutenant's servant Thomas (1st) Jones Surgeon's servant Edward Terrell A.B. / Carpenter's servant Thomas Jordon A.B. / Boatswain's servant Thomas Mathews Cook's servant Daniel Roberts Gunner's servant John Thurmund A.B. / Sailmaker's Mate

What are some five letter words with 2nd letter O and 5th letter Y?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 267 words with the pattern -O--Y. That is, five letter words with 2nd letter O and 5th letter Y. In alphabetical order, they are: bobby bogey boggy boney bonny booby boody boofy boogy booky boomy booty boozy borty bosky bossy bothy botty bousy boysy coaly cobby cocky colby coley colly comby comfy commy coney conky cooey cooky cooly coomy copay coppy copsy corby corey corky corny cosey covey cowry coyly cozey dobby doddy dodgy dogey doggy doily dolly donny donsy doody dooly doomy doozy dopey dorky dormy dorty dotty dowdy dowly downy dowry doyly foamy fogey foggy foley folky folly fonly foody footy foray forby forky forty goary goaty gobby godly goety goldy golly gooby goody gooey goofy gooky gooly goony goopy goory goosy gormy gorsy gouty hoagy hoary hobby hokey holey holly homey honey honky hoody hooey hooky hooly hooty hoppy horny horsy hosey hotly hotty howdy jokey jolly jolty jonty jotty jowly kooky loamy lobby lofty loggy lolly looby looey loony loopy loppy lordy lorry lossy loury lousy lovey lowly lowry mobby mochy moggy moldy molly mommy money monty moody mooly moony moory mopey moppy mopsy moray mosey mossy motey mothy motty mousy nobby nobly noddy noily noisy nonny nooky nosey nouny noway nowty poboy pocky poddy podgy poesy pogey pokey poley polly pommy poncy poney pongy ponty poofy poovy poppy popsy porgy porky porny porty posey potsy potty pouty powny pozzy roary rocky roguy roily roofy rooky roomy roopy rooty ropey rorty roupy rowdy soapy soddy softy soggy soily sonly sonny sonsy sooey sooty sophy soppy sorry soupy toady tocky today toddy toffy tokay tolly tommy toney toshy tossy totty tousy touzy towny towsy towzy wolly womby wonky woody woofy wooly woozy wordy wormy worry yolky zooey zooty

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aargh, abris, acred, acres, acrid, aerie, afrit, agree, agria, aired, airer, airns, airth, airts, aorta, apres, apron, arras, array, arris, arrow, atria, atrip, aurae, aural, aurar, auras, aurei, aures, auric, auris, aurum, barbe, barbs, barca, barde, bards, bared, barer, bares, barfs, barge, baric, barks, barky, barms, barmy, barns, barny, baron, barre, barye, beret, bergs, berks, berme, berms, berry, berth, beryl, birch, birds, birks, birle, birls, biros, birrs, birse, birth, boral, boras, borax, bored, borer, bores, boric, borks, borne, boron, borts, borty, bortz, buran, buras, burbs, burds, buret, burgh, burgs, burin, burka, burke, burls, burly, burns, burnt, burps, burqa, burro, burrs, burry, bursa, burse, burst, byres, byrls, carat, carbs, cards, cared, carer, cares, caret, carex, cargo, carks, carle, carls, carns, carny, carob, carol, carom, carpi, carps, carry, carse, carte, carts, carve, cerci, cered, ceres, ceria, ceric, ceros, circa, cires, cirri, coral, corby, cords, cored, corer, cores, corgi, coria, corks, corky, corms, corns, cornu, corny, corps, corse, curbs, curch, curds, curdy, cured, curer, cures, curet, curfs, curia, curie, curio, curls, curly, curns, currs, curry, curse, curst, curve, curvy, darbs, dared, darer, dares, daric, darks, darns, darts, derat, deray, derby, derma, derms, derry, diram, direr, dirge, dirks, dirls, dirts, dirty, dorks, dorky, dorms, dormy, dorps, dorrs, dorsa, dorty, dural, duras, dured, dures, durns, duroc, duros, durra, durrs, durst, durum, eared, earls, early, earns, earth, ecrus, eerie, egret, enrol, erred, error, euros, eyras, eyres, eyrie, eyrir, farad, farce, farci, farcy, fards, fared, farer, fares, farle, farls, farms, faros, feral, feres, feria, ferly, fermi, ferns, ferny, ferry, fired, firer, fires, firms, firns, firry, first, firth, foram, foray, forbs, forby, force, fordo, fords, fores, forge, forgo, forks, forky, forme, forms, forte, forth, forts, forty, forum, furan, furls, furor, furry, furze, furzy, garbs, 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mares, marge, maria, marka, marks, marls, marly, marry, marse, marsh, marts, marvy, merch, mercs, mercy, merer, meres, merge, merit, merks, merle, merls, merry, mired, mires, mirex, mirin, mirks, mirky, mirth, mirza, morae, moral, moras, moray, morel, mores, morns, moron, morph, morro, morse, morts, mural, muras, mured, mures, murex, murid, murks, murky, murra, murre, murrs, murry, myrrh, narco, narcs, nards, nares, naric, naris, narks, narky, nerds, nerdy, nerol, nerts, nertz, nerve, nervy, noria, norms, north, nurds, nurls, nurse, oared, ocrea, ogres, okras, oorie, orris, ourie, parae, paras, parch, pardi, pards, pardy, pared, parer, pares, pareu, parge, pargo, paris, parka, parks, parle, parol, parrs, parry, parse, parts, party, parve, perch, perdu, perdy, perea, peres, peril, peris, perks, perky, perms, perps, perry, perse, pervs, pirns, pirog, porch, pored, pores, porgy, porks, porky, porno, porns, porny, ports, purda, puree, purer, purge, purin, puris, purls, purrs, purse, pursy, purty, pyran, pyres, pyrex, pyric, pyros, qursh, rared, rarer, rares, reran, rerun, rural, saran, sards, saree, sarge, sargo, sarin, saris, sarks, sarky, sarod, saros, scrag, scram, scrap, scree, screw, scrim, scrip, scrod, scrub, scrum, serac, serai, seral, sered, serer, seres, serfs, serge, serif, serin, serow, serry, serum, serve, servo, shred, shrew, shris, shrub, shrug, sired, siree, siren, sires, sirra, sirup, soras, sorbs, sords, sored, sorel, sorer, sores, sorgo, sorns, sorry, sorta, sorts, sorus, sprag, sprat, spray, spree, sprig, sprit, sprue, sprug, strap, straw, stray, strep, strew, stria, strid, strip, strop, strow, stroy, strum, strut, surah, sural, suras, surds, surer, surfs, surfy, surge, surgy, surly, surra, syren, syrup, tardo, tardy, tared, tares, targe, tarns, taroc, tarok, taros, tarot, tarps, tarre, tarry, tarsi, tarts, tarty, terai, terce, terga, terms, terne, terns, terra, terry, terse, thraw, three, threw, thrip, throb, throe, throw, thrum, tired, tires, tirls, tiros, torah, toras, torch, torcs, tores, toric, torii, toros, torot, torrs, torse, torsi, torsk, torso, torta, torte, torts, torus, turbo, turfs, turfy, turns, turps, tyred, tyres, tyros, unrig, unrip, varas, varia, varix, varna, varus, varve, verbs, verge, verse, verso, verst, verts, vertu, verve, viral, vireo, vires, virga, virid, virls, virtu, virus, wards, wared, wares, warks, warms, warns, warps, warts, warty, wired, wirer, wires, wirra, words, wordy, works, world, worms, wormy, worry, worse, worst, worth, worts, wurst, xeric, xerus, yards, yarer, yarns, yerba, yerks, yirds, yirrs, yirth, yores, yurta, yurts, zarfs, zeros, ziram, zoril, zoris