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You can switch forms of Birth Control to what is most comfortable for you. If you would like to switch birth control consult your physician so that she/he can choose a birth control pill that is right for you.

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You can get the first Depo Provera shot when you are on the birth control. It will become effective immediately, and you'll be able to stop the birth control pill at that time.

If you're pregnant, you should stop taking the birth control pill, as it is of no use.

Yes, that is what the birth control is designed to do. It does not affect future fertility after you stop the pill.

Birth control pill will not stop your period unless you continuously take it without missing a pill.

You should continue taking the birth control pill daily as scheduled regardless of bleeding.

A protein shake will have no effect on your birth control pill. It's just food.

That's a very convenient time to stop.

The birth control pill generally decreases acne by lowering testosterone levels. WHen you stop the birth control pill, your skin may have more acne.

When you take the birth control pill, you can expect shorter and lighter periods. When you stop the pill, your periods go back to their natural length and heaviness of flow.

Over time the pill regulates it and can make it shorter and lighter. Once you stop the birth control pill, you can expect to go back to your previous menstrual pattern.

Birth control is not always reliable, and doesn't stop any STDs. Using a condom helps prevent STDs and reduces the chances of pregnancy even further. Although the pill/shot have improved over the years, I know a few people who are "pill babies"

With a male birth control pill (that is swallowed or injected). If men had a birth control pill, most male would probably use it. Of course, no birth control pill protects against sexually transmitted diseases, however, if there were a male birth control pill (and an Israeli doctor claims to have invented one), the population would probably gradually go down in most countries that practice birth control.

yes.Yes, you may get your next period late after you stop the pill.

There is no birth control pill for cats or dogs. You need to have your cat and dog spayed or neutered depending on the sex of the animal and this will stop it from conceiving a litter.

You can stop the pill anytime you like. Use a different method if you still don't want to get pregnant.

whenever she is ready to... When a woman wants to get pregnant she can stop Birth Control. For older woman the Coil IUD can sometimes be a better alternative to the pill.

well, i start to take the birth control pill. i took one month, but i stop taking the pill the next month. what happen did control your period or not what is the risk.

The only way to stop an irregular period is to start taking birth control. Usually, you will become very regular when taking the pill and some people stop having periods all together when they go on the shot.

If your girlfriend hasn't been on the birth control pill for the last seven days, taking one after sex won't help. At that point, your girlfriend can only take the morning after pill or emergency contraception pill. If she's been on the birth control pill and wants to know when she can stop, take them for at least the next five days.

The birth control pill makes both menstrual cramps and flow lighter. When you stop, both will become heavier, as if you'd never used it.

Yes, the reason she is taking birth control pills is to stop her from getting pregnant as a result of just that.

Depending on the birth control you were taking, and the dosage, it can take between a couple of weeks or up to three months.

The next ovulation after stopping the birth control pill usually happens in 2-4 weeks.

The birth control pill will give you predictable bleeding while you're on it; when you stop, you'll go back to your previous "unregulated" pattern.

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