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Dear Reader; If the period has not come by next monday, go back for a more conclusive test. Some women have hormone levels too low to indicate pregnancy and or the test might not have been done right. Dwight

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Q: You went to the obgyn last monday your cycle is a week late but the hpt was negative what should you do?
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What college should you attend to be an obgyn?

Any medical school can prepare you for a specialization in ObGyn.

How do you postpone the menstrual cycle?

i would say call your obgyn first to get the right info

What type of clothing should an OBGYN wear to work?


Bleeding on day17 of cycle why?

If its just one day you should be okay. Its one way that the body flushes out toxins... but then again you might want to see an obgyn because it could be serious.

When ging to college what kind of degree should you get to be an obgyn?

You should need a bachelors degree or higher

Where can you find a doctor in Michigan for hcg?

your family physcian can refer you to an obgyn or you can make an appointment with an obgyn. obgyn's are the doctors that perform these. the procedure should only take 20mins tops. I've been assisting dr.'s with these for 10yrs.

How long does it take to be an OBGYN?

How long does it take to be an OBGYN?

How much do an obgyn make?

how much do an obgyn make

Im pregnant and your obgyn was giving you a pap smear without any gloves on and you were wondering if that was normal?

NO, that is not normal. An obgyn should take sanitary precautions, thus wearing gloves.

Should you be worried about light green cervical mucus?

Yes. Call your doctor/OBGYN.

Obgyn stand for?

In the medical field obgyn stands for Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Can your obgyn tell exactly how far along your pregnancy is at the first ob visit?

If you know your last period date and how long your cycle is he/she can work it out.

My period is almost 3 month late blood test is negative i feel dezzand weaiggt gain its sighn of pegncy?

Signs of pregnancy include missed periods, dizziness, and weight gain. If you are three months late, but the blood test is negative, you should contact an OBGYN for a physical.

What kind of tools do OBGYN need?

how many years do u need to become an obgyn? how many years do u need to become an obgyn?

Is it normal to have your period every five months?

I would say no. YOu should make an appointment to see your OBGYN. They are the only ones who can really tell you if your body is running on a normal cycle. If you are 10 - 16 then yes, it can be normal. If you are older then no and you should take the advice of the above poster.

Can you use vaginal suppositories during your menstrual cycle?

Yes, why not, but chances are they'll be flushed out with your flow and so you do not get maximum benefit from them. My obgyn told me to stop using them during my menstrual cycle and resume when my cycle ends. I think there's a practical reason for it.

Can a period stop your pregnancy?

having your period generally means that you are not actually p[regnant. If you are certainly pregnant, though, and you are bleeding, you should consult your obgyn. If you don't have one, and you think you are pregnant, get an obgyn.

Is it a normal reaction for your first period while on the pill to be excruciatingly painful?

No. You should see your OBGYN.

What is an OBGYN's salary per year?

An OBGYN's salary per each year, is $281,190.

Is it safe to take paraffin oil as a laxative in late pregnancy?

you should probably consult you obgyn instead

What subjects should you study to become an OBGYN?

If you are a OB/GYN you are a doctor so you have to go to med school.

How do you know what to look for in an OBGYN?

You should know what they charge for their services. Also inquire about their experience and education background.

Who is a OBGYN that accepts Medicaid in mckinney Texas?

who accepts medicare/Medicaid that is a obgyn in McKinney tx

What is the Abbreviation for women?


Where can you find the nearest OBGYN in Oklahoma?

One can always do an internet query on OBGYN in Oklahoma to get the listing of all available OBGYN services in the neighborhood and their location with addresses and contact information. One can also use the yellow pages to find OBGYN services in the vicinity as well.