You were adopted in a closed adoption and you are very curious about your biological parents you live in England does anyone know if you are allowed to see them and if so how?

If this was a closed adoption you may need a lawyer, however, even if you are curious about your biological parents they may not feel that way about you, you can open up a whole lot of wounds by persuing this.
If your adoptive parents are still alive and you love them and they love you, leave well enough alone! Nothing good will come of this.
QuestionAsker - Yeah, but I have a brother, and i really want to know him, i havent even got a photo. Im 14, He's 18. that's all i know. i don't even know his name, its so unfair, apparently its illegal for me to contact him is this true?
I do not know if this is illegal, your best bet is to talk to someone (your parents) if this is not possible speak with someone who knows and understands your situation, they will help you, how do you know you have a brother? Find out everything from an adult who has your best interest at heart, perhaps a teacher or clergy, maybe there is a possiblity for you to contact your brother.