You were caught having an affair would your spouse have an affair to?

  • You should be more worried about how your hurt your spouse and not whether they would have an affair on you. Cheating is cheap and disrespectful. If one is unhappy with their spouse they should have the guts to communicate the fact and either seek marriage counseling or separate for awhile so both parties can clear their head. If they come to the conclusion they do not make each other happy then get a divorce and become free to date. It's possible your spouse now feels free to have an affair of their own simply because you have broken their heart, but most would just walk away from their cheating spouse and move on in their life. They deserve better!
  • From my own personal experience what I did was use towards me so when the man I married had the affair, he told me from his own words, " what about what you did first?" So I guess i will say yes