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Implantation takes a week to 10 days so no hormones are produced until then, best to wait 2 weeks to be on the safe side. Good Luck

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Q: You were inseminated on March 15 and decided to take a home pregnancy test on the March 16 it showed not pregnant did you test too early?
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You took a pregnancy test and neither lines showed any results?

your not pregnant

Is Whitney pregnant in eastenders?

No. She thought she was so she took a pregnancy test which showed up as negative.

Can hcg drops give you a positive pregnancy test?

No, they can not. If your pregnancy test showed up positive, you are most likely pregnant. - M.D. in Medical Science

One pregnancy test showed faint positive at night then the next morning on a different brand of test showed negative could i be pregnant?

Take another one to be sure

Could you be pregnant 1 day late on period?

a pregnancy test will show if you are. mine showed positive on the day i was due on !!

If you have all pregnancy symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative can you be pregnant?

Yes you could have tested too early. Go to your doctor and they may give you a blood test to confirm pregnancy.

You took two pregnancy test before your missed period the test showed up positive are you pregnant?

If the test showed a clear positive, it is very likely you are indeed pregnant, you should see a qualified medical practitioner for confirmation and advice.

Pregnancy test showed it was negative but the negative sign was very light could that be a false negative?

Take another pregnancy test. I suggest buying one that is easier to read this time (a digital one) that says 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'

Are you pregnant if an ultrasound showed a sign of pregnancy but your blood and urine tests are negative?

Hi, It is possible to be pregnant and have a negative urine pregnancy test. It is also possible you could be pregnant with a negative blood test providing that the blood test was performed too early. This could also be why the ultrasound showed signs of pregnancy. Also if you miscarried recently without you knowing, it is possible the ultrasound picked up the sac minur the embryo. If a embryo is picked up on the ultrasound then you're pregnant hun.

Can you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative?

Hello! If you had a normal period and a negative pregnancy test, you wont be pregnant. Yes you can have a negative pregnancy test. A Clinic can do a simple blood test to be a 100 percent positive. Also, some women have had period symptoms and pregnancy at the same time.If you get your period and negative test it is 99% that you are not pregnant all the best!

Do you feel hungry when you are pregnant?

i think so... i just got my test done and it showed me i am pregnant. I have been feeling abnormally hungry :) so i guess it should be an early sign of pregnancy.

When will Bridget Parkers pregnancy in neighbors be showed in the UK?

in the UK Bridget discovers shes pregnant this week. so yeah it will be shown in the UK

If one pregnancy test showed a slight pink line and another test showed negative could you be pregnant?

If you did the first test with the first urine in the morning and the second later in the day, you may be pregnant. Take another test with the first urine in the morning when the hormones are more concentrated.

If you were on the patch and your doctor told you your pregnancy test was negative but you still experience symptoms could you be pregnant?

Most likely not. The "symptoms of pregnancy" are the same symptoms of many, many other conditions, including the common cold at times. If you had a blood test performed that showed that the hormone associated with pregnancy was not in your body, then you are not yet pregnant. ! Dr. B.

Pregnancy test showed negative then half an hour later showed positive are you pregnant or not?

IF i WHERE YOU I WOULD TAKE ONE MORE TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE.You should also call your doctor you may need a blood test for actual results.

If one pregnancy test showed a super faded line and another test a few days later showed no line could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it's more reliable

You are 5 days late for your period with a negative pregnancy test Can you be pregnant?

well maybe this might be good news or bad news but you could. because i was a week late for my period i took 2 pregnancy test first and they both showed up as negative and i took another two the next week and the third one showed up negative and the 4th showed up positive!!!!!.

Clearblue digital pregnancy test said not pregnant but strip inside had 2 lines anyone ever had this happen and be pregnant?

This has happened to me twice. During my last pregnancy I WAS pregnant, this time round, my period arrived 3 days after the tests showed up the two strips. So I don't really understand it. Hope it all worked out for you. xx

You took a pregnancy test 2 months ago and it showed negative you kept it and now it is showing positive what does that mean is this what happens?

If you have an old pregnancy test over time it may change that's all. It doesnt mean that you are pregnant.

Should you be worried two pregnancy test came up positive and four have came up negeative?

YES! You should go to a doctor. The pregnancy test showed up positive because it detected the hormone that says your pregnant..

I had two test that showed i was pregnant. but now they are telling me i may not be?

yes, you have to see your practitioner to establish pregnancy. pregnancy tests only measures your hcg level but it doesn't tell if your pregnancy is intrauterine. There are so-called ectopic pregnancies and it's not determined by home pt's.

A male who has a twin sister showed all signs of pregnancy during his sisters pregnancy. What do you call this phenomina?

He's probably having a Sympathetic Pregnancy. He feels bad about his sister suffering during her pregnancy, so he's subconsciously displaying pregnancy symptoms in hopes of making her feel better. It's all in his head, he's NOT actually pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if all pregnancy tests have been negative but you still have pregnancy symptoms including a hardening in the stomach?

It depends on how far along you might be...for example with my first son I took 2 pregnancy tests that showed negative then finally the 3rd test showed positive but barely....same with the fourth I would have been like 3-4 weeks pregnant before it showed up on a test.... Your best bet would be to get a blood pregnancy test done or have a doctor perform the pregnancy test if you think you are pregnant still. The tests can be a lot trickier than they say Yes, you can be. Like the person above said, the best thing to do would be a blood test. From what I hear blood test don't lie. Urine test are not 100 percent effective, because certain medical conditions a woman have could altar the amound of hcg she is producing in her pregnancy, or how fast she is producing hcg.

Is my clear blue pregnancy test still accurate after 10 minutes?

my clear blue showed a pregnant sign and a 6 days later I looked at it again and it was negative.What does it mean?

11 days late on period with neg result. Can you still be pregnant or not?

you should always try more than one pregnancy test, sometimes the result is wrong. my girlfriend once took a pregnancy test which showed she was pregnant, then the second test said negative. We then went to the her GP who confirmed she wasnt pregnant and that her period was just late. good luck