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If you are normally or frequently late for your period, then you should not wory till next week. I your bang on every period u get, see your doctor. Next time get him to precum in your mouth, if he's clean that is hahaha.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-15 07:11:18
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Q: You were late because you was supposed to get your period on the 8 of may but didnt on the 8 your boyfriend precame on his finger then wiped it off stuck in you your still late can you be pregnant?
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Can someone get pregnant if she was rubbing herself naked against her boyfriend who didnt have underwear on if he precame?

if he had nothing on and so did she there is a possability of getting pregnant,you do not have to have sex to get pregnant if his sperm gets in her she could get prgnant

Can you still be pregnant if your period came on 2 days after your boyfriend precame inside you?

That close to your period, it's hard to tell. Precum always carries the risk of getting you pregnant too, but if you're concerned, pick up a pregnancy test to be sure.

You gave head to your boyfriend with the condom on you felt his sperm and tasted it then you had sex did it break or?

If he precame, it probably broke. If you're tasting it I'm assuming there is a hole.

Can a girl get pregnant if her panty was still on and the male only precame?

Yes, of course. The odds are far less than if you had regulation sex, though.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you put your penis inside her and then pulled it out but you're not sure if you precame or not?

Yes she can. Use protection against pregnancy and infection. Or just say NO

Is there a chance of pregnancy when your on the 12th day of your menstrual cycle and the guy precame and proabably touched himself to clean himself then touched your vagina?

It is highly unlikely you would get pregnant froma guy's fingers.

Can you get a girl pregnant when my penis was only between the lips of the vagina not inside of it and i only precame and did not ejaculate?

YES. The fluids have sperm in them and any contact in or around the vagina can result in pregnancy. You need to have protection at ALL TIMES.

What are the chances of pregnancy with penetration for a few seconds?

there is always a chance, but it depends on if he precame, ect

Could your girlfriend get pregnant if you penetrated her with your boxers on and you are not sure if you ejaculated or precame through your boxers but your penis was in her vagina?

This sounds extremely uncomfortable for both of you and I would think that pregnancy was a possibility if intercourse occurred at a fertile time of the month.

My boyfriend slipped his penis inside for a couple of seconds and he precame I know you can get pregnant from pre-cum but are the chances high Its two weeks before my period?

No it isn't especially high..........BUT it can happen. so be more careful in the future young lady!!!!Answer:There is no sperm in precum. The way that people get pregnant from precum is that when the precum comes out, it flushes out the penis. If there is any residue from previous masturbation or sex, then the sperm will come out with the precum, therefor containing sperm. Precum and peeing will clear the shaft of any sperm. The sperm, however, can live up to 3 days. The only way to know is to ask him if he masturbated beforehand or if he had sex beforehand without going to the bathroom before he had sex with you.

A spermicidal condom came off inside of you He did not finish you dont think he precame either IMy period should be soon Is there a chance im preg?

You have no way of knowing if there was any precum or not, neither does he. The fact that the condom came off is a good clue to that he did release some fluid. And yes, when the condom came off it turned into unprotected sex, which leaves you open for a chance of pregnancy.

If you were wearing a thong and he was wearing boxers and he only precame is there any chance of it passing and going into your vagina?

No Hello there. If there is a chance your precum penetrated your girlfriends underwear and entered or went around her vagina - then there is a risk of pregnancy. If she had sex on 12 day of her cycle and she has a period every 28 days, then this would of been very close to her fertile period which gives you a low risk of pregnancy. Two days after this and its high risk pregnancy.