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We called it "dry humping" in my teenage years. No you cant get pregnant when the "sticky stuff" is on the outside of the clothes.


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Their honeymoon...:) she got pregnant EXTREMELY quickly, when she got sick and all, that was when we realized she was pregnant.

because he realized what he lost and whats it back

Maybe he still likes you. Or if he broke-up with you maybe he realized that you are the one he wants.

A sentence using bolster can be. I realized I needed to BOLSTER it with some substance aside from limp pasta.

You conceived approximately 3 weeks before you realized your period was late.

Tampons. She then realized she hasn't had her period when she was supposed to.

Joanne thought that Mark was going to be the perfect boyfriend. However, after three months she realized that he was not suitable.

No. You do not have a period if you're pregnant. My mother had 6 children, and she had her periods through 3 of the pregnancies - I don't know how long or "normal" her periods were (she died some years ago) but I do know that she was 5 months pregnant with me before she realized she was pregnant!

Well my boyfriend and I used to argue about this a lot. He kept saying we were going to break up eventually because of it then I realized he didn't really love me so I left him.

Yes, it's possible, but it's pretty uncommon. Most likely if you have no symptoms you're probably not pregnant. And if you are pregnant, but don't have any symptoms, you might just not be noticing them. But it is possible to be pregnant and not have any symptoms in the beginning. With my first pregnancy, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was talking with a friend and brought up something about period schedules and she is the one who told me I was late. Then looking back, I realized I had some symptoms, I was just busy and didn't expect to be pregnant, so I didn't really notice anything. But I was less than a week late, I would have realized it in a few more days.

He realized that the uranium salt had given off an invisible "something" that could not be explained by sunlight hitting a fluorescent substance.

They realized that they were not physically safe in Germany and tried to leave the country. (On the whole, politically aware Jews had known this since 1933 and had left before the Kristallnacht if they were able to).

sometimes they just dont have no more interest in you if they dumped you and realized they made a mistake then he should step up and be a man and apologize and say that he is wrong.

i think its nobody because i mean she broke up with joe jonas so demi realized that she doesent want a bf any more

realized as in "a realized dream"

Yes, realized is a verb. It is usable in the sentence "I just realized this and that." As you can see, the word 'realized' is a conjugation of the verb 'to realize', which makes the word a verb.

No, the word realized is the past tense of the verb to realize. The word realized is also an adjective.

if you broke up with him, he probably still likes you, a lot. if he broke up with you, then he must have realized that he made a mistake in doing so.

Let's step through the verb realize from future to present to past to past participle. Ready? Let's jump. I will realize. I could realize. I should realize. I realize. I realized. I have realized. I could have realized. I should have realized. The word realized is past tense. You can't "should realized" in this light. You should realize that.

Yes, actually many people conceive and end up miscarrying at the time their period was due, and they never even realized they were pregnant.

I think that you should tell your parents when you think that your boyfriend is sufisticated enough to not make a fool of themselves. I had a boyfriend one time and he was 17 and i was mom would have said hell no to that, but he went and saw her at work while i was in school, he brought her a huge chocolate ber and they talked for hours she realized that the older guys are more sufisticated so if you have a choice to have an older boyfriend or a younger boyfriend go for the older basically if you have a good boyfriend let your parents meet him right away, but if he is a bad boyfriend break up with him right away!!!

I just realized that my shoes were untied.

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