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The "air fuel plug" is an oxygen sensor. It works by sending between 0 and 1 volt to the cars computer. Putting a resistor on the O2 sensor will not add horsepower; most O2 sensors cannot produce more than 1 volt. If a resistor is added it will cause the car to register more rich so it will add less fuel and actually run lean. Running lean will cause higher combustion temprature and in the long term cause premature seal failier. Its a stupid idea....take the time to browse the forums and figure out some mods that have been done by others. Do not add any resistors to the car for the reason of "adding performance" (eg. MAF, water temp) they will not any real HP, WILL cause harm to the car, and you will make all of us other 240 guys look bad. -keys

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Q: You were told you can add a resistor to the air fuel plug to add horse power on a 240 sx how would you go about doing it?
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1/2 watt (In theory you could use a "0.27 Watt" resistor, however there would be no safety factory and there is no standard value resistor that size.)

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