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If you got your period it is extremely unlikely you are pregnant. And if you are trying to conceive you usually need to have sex 2 weeks before your period is due.

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Q: You were trying to conceive a week later you got your period it stopped yesterday you took a test and it was negative but you still have all the signs of being pregnant can you still be pregnant?
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Hi i stopped taking the pill and trying to conceive and i have started bleeding could i be pregnant?

probably not since you bled

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Amoxicillin has no effect at all on whether or not you conceive. It depends on whether you were fertile at the time.

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If you are four months pregnant when did you conceive?

The doctor would generally tell you that the date of conception is considered the day after your last mentrual cycle ended. In other words, the day after your period last stopped.

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If you get pregnant by January 8th, you will be due Oct 1st 2009.

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