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Your 1991 Chevy caprice has a digital speedometer that has power and shows 0 as you drive AFter 20 min then the speedometer works and shows your speed what is wrong?


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I think there is some kind of speed sensor attached to the transmission. Probably a bad conection, a true Chevy trait. VBdenny


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No , a 1986 Chevy Caprice is REAR wheel drive

Drive slower, and the speedometer decreases. If you are asking how to (illegally) decrease the odometer's kilometer reading, then shame on you.

All Caprices were rear wheel drive from 1965 to 1996.

0 degrees in drive bypass disconnected

AnswerAll Caprices were Rear Wheel Drive.I am not sure of this i have heard that some of the highway patrols got front wheel drive caprice im not sure what year

They are rear wheel drive, the last year made was 1996

http:/www.tciauto.comTCI has drive gears, driven gears & calculators.

absolutely.... i drive a Chevy impala '94. and i have it on 265 35 r 22 and have no problems with it!

Try changing the ignition switch located on the steering column

The basic idea on how a digital speedometer works is that the equipment senses how fast the wheels are spinning. This information about wheel spinning rate can be obtained by using optical sensor on the drive shaft. It then correlates the data in its processor which then displays it on the LCD/LED dashboard.

There is no timing belt on a 305 unless it is an aftermarket belt drive system.

A speedometer drive can be installed in the transmission, and the speedometer cable will attach here. You may need a new speedometer as they used a variety of drive ratios. The speedo drive is a standard part for the fh, and is readily available.

if there is a 350 in the car no problem ithink the caprice has a 305 or 307 in this case the y pipe will not fit big job good luck drive safe

we are trying to find regular factory wheels that fit the lug pattern off of a 1997 Chevy blazer s-10 2 wheel drive

Yes, all Caprice and Impalas 1996 and older were rear wheel drive vehicles.

Your shift linkage may have slipped or become loose. Check your linkage.

Depends on the year, engine size, and how you drive. Two gallons should be plenty.

It depends on the manufacturer. Most rear wheel drive vehicle speedometer cables connect to a gear in the transmission "tailshaft". Front wheel drive vehicles may connect at another location on the transaxle or they may use an electronic Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) that sends a digital signal to the speedometer, in which case there is no speedometer cable. Other vehicles, such as the old VW Beetle, used a speedometer cable that connected directly to the front wheel. Unfortunately, there is no way to list what method was used by all vehicles.

Chevy impala ss 94-96, Buick roadmaster, watch for the rear end some are 7.5 with will require a different drive shaft. The 8.5 is a better housing anyway.

Speed sensor on rear of transmission where speedometer drive used to be. If ecm receives no speed data transmission, it will send no shift signal.

all 700r4 transmissions that have cable driven speedometers and are 2 wheel drive will fit all 700r4 transmissions that have cable driven speedometers and are 2 wheel drive will fit

there is a speed sensor on the rear of the tranny which puts out a pulse to the ecm this is converted to dc current to drive the speedometer faster the speed more pulses more pulses the higher the dc the higher the dc the faster the speed display

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