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I brought my 1997 pathfinder to Nissan and they told me that this happens all the time when you reach a certain km. What it is is a small valve at the back of the transmission that does not close properly when the engine is cold. That small valve needs to be replaced, but the problem it's way at the back so having your transmission completely redone is a better way to go.

This valve does not close the pressure cannot build up and you cannot go into reverse.... what you can do if it's just starting to do this... try putting it in drive then reverse or warming up the car before taking off or what Nissan told me which is really stupid..... park the car in backwards....

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โˆ™ 2011-01-17 11:59:46
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Q: Your 1993 pathfinder has an automatic trans all forward gears work great but no reverse?
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How many gears does a Yamaha breeze have?

Forward and reverse. It's an automatic

What is wrong with a 1997 Pathfinder when the automatic transmission goes into reverse but does not move all forward gears work?

Needs internal transmission repairs. Find a good shop.

What is wrong with a 727 torqueflite automatic transmission that works in reverse but not in any forward gears?

The forward pump is shot or the throttle has a blown gasket

What gears are in the 1992 crownvictoria rearend?

Reverse and forward gears

What would cause the reverse to go out on a 97 Blazer?

If this is an automatic transmission, more than likely the transmission is on it's way to the junkyard. Usually failing transmissions lose reverse first, then the higher forward gears - last will be the lowest forward gears.

What is wrong with a Chevy automatic transmission if you have forward gears but no reverse gear?

reverse drum inside of trans is stripped out the fix is teardown unit and replace with abeast drum from transtar

What is wrong with a 2000 Ford Taurus automatic transmission that works in reverse but not in any forward gears?

the forward gear clutch pack is worn out. the only solution is to get the transmission rebult.

How many gears does a 1969 dodge charger have?

if it was automatic it had a torqueflite tranny and had 3 forward gears and a reverse and if stick shift you had either a 3 speed tranny (rare) or a 4 speed.

Why won't gears on an automatic car go into drive or reverse?

Need to know if it is standard or automatic.

How many gears are in a 727 transmission?

3 forward, 1 reverse

Are formula 1 cars maual or automatic transmission?

Formula 1 cars are semi-automatic with a paddle powered gear change. Which usually have 6 or 7 forward gears and one reverse gear.

What happened if a 1992 Hyundai Excel with an automatic transmission was just driving along and it was like it went into neutral no forward gears and no reverse gear?

time to get new trannie

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