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Check for vacuum leaks on the intake manifold and verify the operation of the EGR valve.

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Q: Your 1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max is surging at higher rpm levels You replaced the Mass air flow sensor also replaced fuel filter and catalytic converter What should you try next?
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Can a hot catalytic converter cause a engine to serge and stall?

Converters get hot when they operate and this is normal. However a partially clogged converter will get excessively hot and my even turn red. This will cause a loss of power, stalling, and surging.

How do use surging in a sentence?

the water was surging over the rocks

2000 sl surging and idling high?

I have the same problem. I believe the idle air control valve either needs to be cleaned or replaced.

What causes surging on 5hp Briggs and Stratton lawn mower?

The most common cause of surging is a dirty air filter. EPA approved carbs tend to run lean causing the surge condition described. Main jet needs to be replaced with next size larger.

Does surging rhyme with garden?

No, surging doesn't rhyme with garden. The thing you need to look for with words that rhyme are the endings. These two words don't rhyme because the 'ing' on the end of surging doesn't rhyme with 'den' on the end of garden.

Why is my 2000 Jeep wrangler 4.0 liter surging or missing while driving?

The most common cause for surging is a vacuum leak

What are the release dates for Surging Seas - 1924?

Surging Seas - 1924 was released on: USA: 1 May 1924

What is surging in axial compressors?

There are two main regions stable and unstable The pressure rate between the stable and unstable places is called surging.

How do you repair a lawn mower from cutting out or surging?

Surging is usually due to a dirty fuel filter. Cutting out is also related to a dirty fuel filter or a fouled spark plug. Remove and clean or replace both components. Surging is NEVER a spark plug. The reason it's surging is because your main jet in the emulsion tube is clogged.

You replaced your iac valve all of your elect parts because your engine was surging and was hard to start changed your ox sensor changed your coil and the problem is still there what is wrong with it?

check fuel pressure regulator

Why is your car surging?

Because it needs oil

How do you fix the surging on a 8HP Tecumseh motor?

Surging is often fixed by replacing the fuel filter. A simple job and most small engine shops will have the part.

What causes surging on a 1988 dodge dynasty v-6 when cold?

bad battery. it gives off the rest of its power when its about dead. and that's what causes surging

How do stop a Honda lawnmower from surging?

first you will need to determine if it is surging due to a fuel issue or governor issue. to do this hold the throttle linkage at the carb from moving. slightly higher than at idle. if it stops surging then it is the governor that needs to be reset. if it continues to surge then you have a fuel issue

Why is engine surging on a Briggs stratton 3 and a half hp engine with a primer bulb on a push mower?

Most common cause of surging is a dirty/clogged air filter.

How do you fix Honda lawn mower motor surges?

The most common cause of surging in lawn mower engines is a dirty air filter. It just needs to be removed and cleaned if it is the foam type, It it is the paper type, it needs to be replaced.

What would cause a computer tower to make a surging noise rather than a constant humming noise as it usually does?

A computer tower may make a surging noise rather than a constant humming noise if the case's screws are not properly tightened. Another reason for such a surging noise is the imminent failure of a fan.

How do you use the word surging in a sentence?

With her temperature surging, the nurse brought her an aspirin and some water. After the speech, people surged forward to shake hands with the candidate. Once her song hit number one, her popularity around the country surged. Surging temperatures melted all the snow in our area. Due to surging temperatures, the children put on their bathing suits and jumped into the pool.

What causes surging in a centrifugal compressor?

Rotational speed of the axis.

What is surging?

Pushed by a crowd or wind. In other words to move suddenly and powerfully unwillingly.

1994 Cadillac deville engine surging problems and stalling out?

A 1994 Cadillac Deville that has an engine surging problem and is stalling out can indicate it is not getting enough fuel. The fuel filter may be clogged.

What are the causes of surging?

Engine surging is usually due to insufficient fuel supply. Probable causes could be an air leak in the fuel system, or possibly a dirty fuel filter, causing fuel restriction.

Why is my Chevy Lumina surging and stalling?

The TPS needs to b change

Can a bad alternator affect dash lights?

Can cause surging and/or flickering

What does billowing mean?

"Billowing" means surging or rolling, or to swell or bulge.

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